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October 30 2012

(SPOILER) Preview of Buffy Season 9 #15. This Drew Z. Greenberg penned issue will be out on the 14th of next month.

Looks like another good issue. I'm really liking Billy and Handsome Devon. One thing I'd like to see from the upcoming issues is this book getting back to a group/team format. Buffy and Billy and (if she sticks around, Illyria because my love for her knows no bounds) as fighters while Devon and Dawn doing research. I'd also love for Satsu to come back because I really loved her character and enjoyed her with Buffy. I'm not sure about Xander's place anymore in the group.

From the glimpses we've gotten of him he seems to have been becoming more and more like his father, and I don't think the person who he's becoming is healthy for him or Dawn.

Anyways, I liked the preview, it's good to see the Zompire threat being addressed because there is tons of potential in there.
As fun as it is...I kinda want Buffy back.
I like Billy and Devon but I'm still not sure if this story should of been done in the main Buffy title.I still think a One-Shot would of been better and than bring them into Buffy's book after this story.
Buffy is going to be in this issue right? Or is she just on the cover just because? Either way I miss Buffy too, but this is some seriously adorable writing. There is also a bit more of the Whedoney spark than there has been in the Chambliss penned stuff (even though I do enjoy him, not bashing!).
How does cute Devon know how to be such a reasonable watcher? And why did he suggest to be the watcher. He seems handy at slaying himself.
I hope there will be some kind of explanation. Maybe his sister was a Slayer, or his father was a watcher. Some part of me is worried that he will turn out to be evil. If Joss was writting this I would just worry that he was going to die.
I do miss Buffy and with all the other side stories getting their own books (Spike, Willow) it would have made sense for this to be a One-(or two)-Shot thing but then most people would never have seen it. Also maybe this issue will see a little of Buffy.
I would find it a little less convenient if Devon didn't have such complete knowledge. Internet self-taught guy should be a little uncertain, have gaps in his knowledge, maybe have to check his iPhone for confirmation of the validity of his advice at least?
I also felt that it was off for devon to know so much about being a watcher. And I seriously concerned by the fact that that are being called a Slayer and a Watcher- note the caps here. That signifies the actual position, not just some sort of role similar to Slayer and Watcher. There are no male Slayers- but Billy is positioning himself as a slayer. Not a Slayer.

One thing for sure. Billy will be around. Not going to kill another gay character, I do not think. And where the hell is Buffy? This is the Buffy comic. She is apparently an afterthought these days. More to the point where is Joss? Oterwise busy, I know, but he is losing sight of his primary creation, in my estimation.
How does cute Devon know how to be such a reasonable watcher?

His mum/dad were Watchers? And Dana1410, if you flat out don't enjoy the comics, you don't have to keep posting in the relevant threads to tell us that.
I do love Buffy, she's my second favorite character, but I'm loving Billy. If this was a five issue arc, that'd be a problem but 2 issues? Great. Especially when Jane and Drew writes them. I'm looking forward to Buffy next month but for now, I'm enjoying this.
Sorry, but calling Billy a Slayer and Devon a Watcher still bothers me somewhat.

I mean what about Xander? What about Gunn and Wes? Billy's doing nothing they haven't already done and yet they didn't want the title of a Slayer.
Simon, I hope you won't mind me noting that finding flaws with what the comic does and disliking it are not the same. I have tried very hard not to discuss the overall comic, just the specifics of each issue; I know the rules. I was not the only one to note Buffy's absence, and not the only to comment on the role of Slayer and Watcher, in caps. And I do believe that Joss has less day-to-day involvement in this, for obvious reasons.

Billy, I do like. I like the idea that a gay character can play a role in this series, and I hope that down the road it pays off in a meaningful way, that this is not just a one-off. I could even see this happen: Billy does such a good job that TPTB make him an actual Slayer, with a cap. That would be one of the benefits of bringing the Angel and Buffy worlds together. It would change the nature of the 'verse in ways we could not predict but might also explain the gap in Slayers between Buffy and Fray. Maybe.
I think perhaps Billy taking on the title of Slayer comes with the fact that the existence of Slayers are now common knowledge. Had he discovered vampires on his own and decided to fight them he would probably be calling himself something else.
@sueworld2003 That's because they killed vampires for a different reason. For example Gunn did it because that's how he had to survive, it was more of a turf war than a duty. But with Billy and Devon, they want to hold themselves to an ideal. Billy wants to be a Slayer. He wants to go out there and kill Vampires. He wants to take it on as his duty, as his calling. Gunn, Xander, Wes, it wasn't a calling to them.

Gunn did it to survive, Wesley was never really a slayer, though he did for a short time hunt demons (He was more of a Watcher), and Xander was never really out there patrolling in the same manner that Buffy was, it wasn't a way of life for him. But Devon and Billy, they want to live that way and dedicate themselves to it as their calling. They want to patrol, they want to kill Vampires. They want to be a Watcher and a Slayer.

As of right now I don't think either of them have earned the titles they're giving themselves, but they're working towards it and I hope they prove themselves worthy of those titles.

Also, I hope we continue to see more of them over the course of the book (to get a spin off or work with Buffy herself perhaps?) because I think it would be nice to see them grow as we did Buffy and the Scoobies.

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Actually Devon reminds me of Season 1 Angel, so... maybe there's a twist and he's a vampire trying to avoid massive public damage to the non-zompire vampire population?

I mean... there's got to be a twist, right?
am I the only one who thinks Devon looks like Spike?

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