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October 30 2012

Forbes suggests 3 options for the next Star Wars trilogy. They think Joss should direct it. Alyssa Rosenberg, on the other hand, doesn't.

I think that was called Serenity.
But he'll kill R2D2!
I said this on a FB group campaigning for Joss to get SW and I'll say it again here. Joss is in a exclusive contract with Marvel until 2015 so doesn't that automatically knock him out of the running already? Yes, both studios are owned by Disney but still, ya know? Am I wrong? I guess only Disney knows.
I still can't get my head round the idea of Star Wars 7.
Yeah, I mean, Joss definitely isn't gonna do this, if only because he's already obligated to another film.

The Brad Bird suggestion excites me, though. That'd be amazing.

There's a big part of me that worries this will turn out really mediocre and forgettable, though, like the new Total Recall or something. The prequels were bad, but they were at least memorably so.
Umm... yeah Joss already did Firefly/Serenity, which is basically what they're describing haha. Let Joss be Joss I say. It's great that he's helping out and guiding one major franchise, but unless he really thought he could make it his own, I don't think Star Wars is a good idea. He'd probably find it too redundant for him creatively, for the reasons I listed before, to be perfectly frank.

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As much as this would rock, I think I'd rather have some original Joss characters and universes in the post-Marvel deal world. That's not to say he can't maybe be involved somewhere along the line, just not be at the helm of them -- for his sanity at least!
Sigh... anything "Jossed up" is better. I never would have seen the avengers, but, he made it worth it. Why can't Joss just do ALL movies? well, then i'd be very broke and have no food or electricity. Nevermind.
Oh, please... That would be a HUGE deal, but I want his original stories and characters.
Originality is an illusion created by a lack of perspective. There are no original stories or characters, just new ones to you and - conversely - not new to someone else.

With that said, apart from the whole "he's already kinda busy for the foreseeable future" thing, my gut tells me 'no' based on the redundancy factor alone.
I just mentioned this in another thread below. I think it would be a great idea for Joss to direct and write. This would be awesome. Joss always viewed his favorite Captain as a Han Solo type.

Do it Joss. Do it please!
No way. Focus on The Avengers, and SHIELD and the Buffyverse comics, and Wastelanders and more original stuff. To be honest, Avengers/Avengers 2 is going to be way more successful than this new Star Wars trilogy.
Honestly, I vote no. Joss is awesome at Joss-ness, but the whole Star Wars universe is much more... earnest by nature than Joss's often-super-heavy-but-always-a-touch-ironic stuff. Let Star Wars be Star Wars and Joss be Joss.

Besides, now that we have stone-cold proof that he can print money when you give him a cast and a camera, he should have a much easier time getting his own projects greenlit during/after his Avengers term.
Does this make Leia a Disney Princess?
As much as I enjoy Joss Whedon's work on Marvel projects, I would much rather see him create original works than play with other people's toys. Even if Star Wars does have really cool toys.
I'd prefer Joss did his own stuff to be honest. Avengers is plenty enough with somebody else's franchise.

Still, might not be a bad idea to have him knock the script into shape. If he still does that kind of thing.
I think I have a vague recollection of Joss mentioning he'd have liked a crack at the Star Wars universe...

Sort of like how he made a bid for the Terminator franchise. I think he loves these two franchises enough that he wouldn't mind playing in their sandboxes for a little while.
I would love to see him do this, for sure. Won't happen, but I can dream. He would make this good again.
EW has also weighed in, in favor Joss directing. I still don't think it's going to happen but you might want to add this link to this post's title:
Exactly. I bet Joss would love to take a crack at Star Wars. He obviously has no reservations about doing stuff from established universes. They could give Joss freedom to write his own stories within established cannon. It would still be original with his own take. I want him to continue with the Avengers but IMO Joss was born for this.

People are acting like it would prevent him from working on his own stuff. It shouldn't. Nobody is asking him to do the next 8 Star Wars films.
It's going to be Andrew Stanton.
I always thought Joss would've been a great choice for writing Episodes 1-3, but that ship has sailed (and been sunk). However, I wouldn't be surprised if Disney sweetened the pot and offered him an even bigger overall consulting deal to help develop the SW franchise.
They should only give it to Joss if they want it to be good.
Christopher Nolan needs a new project.

But I think Joss would do great at Star Wars 7.
As someone who likes the prequels, i'm very excited at the idea of a new Star Wars movie. I would love something set in the Old Republic era or far in the future. But i don't think Joss is the best man for the job. His style is way too different and i don't see it working in the SW universe.

Drew Goddard? Maybe.
I don't think either the Whedon tree or the Nolan tree have the "Star Wars" aesthetic. I think my first choice as a director would actually be David Yates, he of the last four "Harry Potter" films. When I saw "Order of the Phoenix", I realized it felt like a Star Wars movie to me. That had me convinced.

Unlike Whedon and Nolan, the "place" and "show" of box office glory, I could get behind the "win" -- Cameron. But I really doubt there'd be any getting him and it together.

To me, it's all about what they make of this trilogy. I sincerely, sincerely hope that we're going to get an adaptation of the "Heir to the Empire" trilogy (the official/unofficial 7 through 9 for about 20 years), with recasts of the original trilogy characters (paging Mr. Fillion, we've got a new freighter for you). Grand Admiral Thrawn is just too good a villain never to be put on the big screen.
Why don't people just let Joss make films out of Joss's own ideas?!?!? They tend to be much better than old, rehashed comic books and B-grade fantasy movies set in space.
Petranef, I disagree that Avengers is old and rehashed and that Star Wars is B grade. Star Wars is one of the most iconic films of all time. The first trilogy inspired entire generations of films, writers, directors, etc. As a story, the trilogy features some of George Lucas' best storytelling. Obvious missteps aside, Star Wars stands alone as quite an achievement.

And last I checked, no one held a gun to his head and MADE him make movies with other peoples characters. He wanted to and signed a contract so he could do it again. So I don't think fans should exactly be whining that Joss doesn't "get" to do what they think he REALLY, REALLY wants. I think he's perfectly capable of choosing exactly what he wants to do and anyone who thinks otherwise is living in a fantasy world where Joss Whedon is some kind of tortured, unappreciated talent who can't get work.

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@caring hands - love that so much!
@the ninja report, Lucas would have never made those iconic Star Wars movies if he was busy doing remakes and sequels of other people's work, however iconic.
Agreed. No. More Joss originals.
Effulgent, I think that's a red herring. Writers and directors have a variety of ways for their work to eventually reach a more esteemed status. For many people, Firefly is already iconic and Buffy is already iconic for its effect on culture. That's not to say that he shouldn't be doing original work - he was also working on Wastelanders or Dr. Horrible 2 - but I think there's room for everything and the most important thing that fans (myself included) should remember is that he's not anyone's puppet. He's doing exactly what he wants to do. If he wants to remake Terminator, like he did years ago, no one should deride him for it. If he wants to do Star Wars, no one should deride him for it.
Where have you seen me deride Joss? For the record, I also strongly disagree with petranef's derision of TA and Star Wars.

At this point, this idea is nothing more than wishful thinking. It's not humanly possible for a filmmaker to create two huge blockbusters in 2.5 years.
I found myself cursing Disney earlier today.

If this were to happen, I would happily eat my words.

On the other hand, I prefer Joss' original work over his take on other franchise characters. Besides, Serenity was better than Star Wars. :)
Apparently part of the purchase was “pretty extensive & detailed treatment for the next 3 movies” says Disney CEO Bob Iger. So looks like Lucas will still have his finger prints in the next 3 movies, despite the fact that he won't be writing or directing them. Also it's been mentioned that LucasFilm has been already talking to writers.

Since Joss is busy with Marvel at least until 2015, I'm not sure how he would feel in getting involved with the later movies of the new Star Wars trilogy.

In the end I rather him spend time on writing more Firefly / Serenity stories, whether that be comics, animated series, radio plays, whatever.
Yeah, really, it was silly for the article to even propose, since he is obviously committed to "The Avengers 2" and in no position to involve himself in "Star Wars" in any capacity. Even my mention of Jim Cameron (in the greatest nerdgasm crossover of all time, I would say) is pure fantasy, because he's going to be neck deep in "Avatar" sequels while this movie is going to be getting made.

So, I'm sticking with voting for David Yates. If not Yates, Peter Jackson, assuming he's done with "The Hobbit" in time. Other directors I wouldn't run screaming from would be Gore Verbinski, who handled the last Disney produced live-action tentpole franchise, or Bryan Singer, whose star has faded a bit but I think has a "Star Wars" sort of eye. It also occurs to me I can think of no immediate reason why Spielberg wouldn't at least be asked -- surely his relationship with Lucas would make him someone who would want to pick up that very important legacy? Looks like he's got a crowded couple years with producer credits, though.
I'm surprised how negative the reactions are to this possibility. I would love to have a Joss-helmed Star Wars sequel. In fact, Joss's involvement is about the only thing that could rekindle my interest in that very tired franchise.

Of course, it could only work if it fit into his current schedule, which seems unlikely. Don't want to work the poor guy to death. Maybe Disney could clone him.

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KingofCretins, David Yates is working on the new Doctor Who movie and Peter Jackson I think is still too deep in expanding the Hobbit to a third film to get onto the project. Disney / LucasFilm needs a director that can jump on it right away, as getting it out for 2015 is very ambitious considering all the special effect pieces involved in such a film.
Hmm, that seems to knock out my whole wish list except for Verbinski, which, again, would be more of a "I can work with that, because the 'Pirates' movies had the kinetic, seat-of-the-pants quality that I need out of some original-trilogy style 'Star Wars' movies" but not like a profound enthusiasm as such.

Hmm... would Disney give Andrew Stanton another look, or was he the problem with John Carter? I didn't watch it. Brad Bird leaps to mind, since "The Incredibles" was awesome, has Disney ties through Pixar, and while I didn't watch it, I did hear some generally positive things about M:I4 that he directed.

I could get into Drew Goddard directing it, but I just really don't feel very "Star Wars" thoughts when I look at either the Whedon or Abrams influences on him.
I think it depends on his level of involvement in the SHIELD show which in my opinion so far isn't really show runner but more of what JJ does sets up the show and then hands it off to others he trusts to run it with occasional episodes written by him because honestly SWE7 could be terrible without the right talent and Joss could definitely do it justice and I would love to see say a Joss written David Lynch directed Star Wars movie. J/K on the latter.

I have mixed feelings about Disney they made a fortune off public domain properties then lobbied the government to extend copyright ridiculously so no one can use their stuff like they have others which IMO stifles innovation but it's all about the bottom line. :(

What about Terry Gilliam? I ask some what tongue in cheek.

edited to add more random thoughts forgive me as I'm a wee bit tipsy

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Yeah caring hands probably she be on Once Upon A Time next year now that characters from Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus have been in that show.
Reading between the lines ("pretty extensive and detailed treatment for the next 3 movies"), just because Lucas has sold Lucasfilm, doesn't mean that he is prepared to relinquish the creative control over his baby.

If my reading is correct, any writer hired for the project will not be writing his/her own Star Wars movies, but simply fleshing out Lucas's outline.
As much as I'd love to see Joss try to rescue the Star Wars universe from the massive shark it has jumped, I doubt he'd have time to do more than hand them a napkin with a very basic outline scribbled on it, which wouldn't be enough to save the franchise. Unless Guillermo Del Toro took over from there.
Wasn't David Lynch rumoured for a Star Wars movie at some stage? He'd be interesting.

And I think many of us years ago would have held out for Irvin Kershner to come to the franchise :(.
I believe Lynch was offered Return of the Jedi after he made The Elephant Man.

It would have been interesting to see his Ewoks.
Simon, I think Lynch was rumored for a SW movie all the way back in the days of Return of the Jedi, but went on to make Dune instead, and, well. He's never gone back to make a big Hollywood movie ever again.

I love Lynch, but I'm secretly afraid he's all but retired from filmmaking. I think he gave an interview a while ago saying he would make another movie if the idea came to him, only it's been years and there's been no activity from the man.

also: my contribution to this topic is that it's a practical impossibility for Joss to make the next SW movie if it's due out in 2015 but it's an AMAZING compliment to the boss-man that his name is being included on the list. I mean, a year ago, he would never be brought up as a real possibility. Dude is red-hot now, and this makes me super-happy.
I'm almost always in the more original work camp, but for Star Wars (Star Wars!), I'll gladly make an exception (I would certainly vastly prefer that over more Marvel stuff). I don't see this happening, sadly, but as dottikin wrote the mere fact that it's being suggested quasi-seriously in this fashion fills my heart with joy.
If not Joss, how about Guillermo Del Toros?
Fleshing out Lucas' ideas is how we get most of what made the original trilogy so great. My goodness, to have had an Episode II that was just a better writer fleshing out Lucas' ideas. The love story!

Lucas' mentioning all the EU material out there is actually seriously giving me more optimism than I should have that we're gonna get an "Heir to the Empire" adaptation. That is my first choice by a mile; set five years after "Jedi", has a downright legendary villain, introduces a couple memorable new characters, and has the characters people actually love, albeit needing to be recast. I could still get excited for a "30 years in the future" type of SW trilogy, maybe with only elder statesman versions of those characters (although maybe played by Ford, et al), but it wouldn't be my first choice.
Effulgent, "deride" was not directed at you specifically. More like a lot of other people who are insistant that theirs is the only correct one.

Dana5140, I think Guillermo Del Toro would be fantastic. He's had a brilliant and unique take on everything he touches. And he enjoys working with animatronics and real props, versus CGI, so I think he'd bring us some really interesting creatures. Also, Doug Jones would probably get work!
Lovin the sensible heads here.

And I think a JW Han Solo origin story could work.

Or has he done that :)
Fleshing out Lucas' ideas is how we get most of what made the original trilogy so great. My goodness, to have had an Episode II that was just a better writer fleshing out Lucas' ideas. The love story!

You've just highlighted my point. The better than Lucas writer who fleshed out Episode II has a name. But ask casual movie goers who wrote Episode II they would most likely say Lucas. Which is fine if you are a fan of the product, and a bit less fine if you are a fan of the better writer.
According to IMDb Lucas wrote Episode II together with one of the writers responsible for the Scorpion King. Does that really constitute a better writer?
@the ninja report, Lucas would have never made those iconic Star Wars movies if he was busy doing remakes and sequels of other people's work, however iconic.

You might want to tell that to Flash Gordon and Akira Kurosawa
@brinderwalt, I was talking about direct remaking or continuation, not borrowing.

We have a guy here who's so great at creating his own iconic-ness, as the ninja report has pointed out, and I can't get excited over the idea of him building castles in another man's sandbox, when he could be building one for himself.

I absolutely understand why Star Wars fans would be happy with the idea, but not everybody gets excited over the same thing. If we all liked the same thing, there would have been only one movie.
Slashfilm just put Joss on the top 10 of their list.
I think Joss doing Star Wars is more of a problem for me as a Star Wars fan than as a Whedon fan. I just don't think they are a match. Forced to only have the Buffyverse or only the Star Wars-verse I'd probably keep Buffy on the basis that there is more of it to enjoy in media that I prefer, but I like steak, and I like peanut butter, but I don't like them together.
...I like steak, and I like peanut butter, but I don't like them together

While I'm with you on the core point of your post, I feel your metaphor fails somewhat in that I now have a fearsome hankering for peanut butter steak.

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