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October 31 2012

Seven horror movie characters Joss loves. Just in time for Halloween, Joss lists his seven favorite horror characters.

This has actually been posted before but it was so difficult to read, this link can stay.
Pretty cool. I concur with Donald Pleaseance, for sure!
For some reason, there were only 5 favorite horror characters in the other one, not 7. Weird.

Squishy's top seven favorite horror characters:

1. Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2. Carrie White from Carrie
3. Ben from Night of the Living Dead
4. Ashe from the Evil Dead movies
5. Father Karras from the Exorcist
6. Christine Brown from Drag Me to Hell
7. Annie Wilkes from Misery

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An interesting list from Joss.
Haven't seen three of those films; one, never heard of, two others, no interest in seeing. But Shawnee Smith, being a judge on Scream Queens sort of makes me want to see that Blob remake.

I have favorites, though it's too early for me to sift a list out.

I could mention though:

Father Merrin in Paul Schrader's Dominion: Prequel to the Exorcist

and one that has stayed with me for dubious reasons,

Chris, Horror House (I'm not even sure why, it's stupid, but seeing Frankie Avalon play against type is delicious)
Sorry Joss, that's a chimpanzee, which is an ape, not a monkey.
Including someone from Dream Warriors makes me so happy. It shouldn't take me by surprise though I suppose, being so ensembley and all...
I love that he loves Marty so much. That made my day.
I agree with Marty being on the list... But maybe we're all a little biased ;)

Yeah right, Fran is incredible!
Weird thing about this list is EW just did a list of 5 horror characters Joss loves, a month and a half ago. So we just saw all but two of these last month.
Maybe there will be 3 more next month? Collect them all!

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