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October 31 2012

Kaleidoscope buys international rights to release Much Ado About Nothing. Can I get a yay?

Double yay!
I still think i will se this on uk or usa dvd years before it opens here in spain, but there is hoping.
Yay! Thanks for the best news of the day, gossi.
PLEASE someone bring this to Portugal!
Very exciting news, but still no word about when we'll get to see this? I'm impatient!

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Yay, sounds good. Hope we'll get to see it in cinema in the Netherlands.
As I was wondering the other day via Twitter, wonder how far negotiations were.

Because the initial plan to running it on several movie festivals didn't pan out in the end, it was TIFF and Lionsgate's deal for US distribution, and no appearance on some major festivals that happened after that, like London or the other TIFF (Tokyo's).

Hopefully we'll learn about their distribution plan soon.
Oh, there's woo AND hoo!
Clearly, there is much to be ado about. *adjusts monocle*
Not related (but in that story):

"The Penguin Kings 3D, narrated by David Attenborough for UK and Tim Allen for US"

Is Tim Allen the closest you guys have to Attenborough? Seem like quite different people.

Anyway yay for UK distribution! Expected it to end up at next year's LFF to be honest.
...which one means 'yes?'
I'll yay when it turns up close enough that I can actually go see it. Getting distribution is great, but that's no guarantee it'll be distributed well. Serenity had distribution, but I still had to wait for the DVD on that one because it wasn't shown anywhere I could get to.
YAY! /snoopy dance :D
Brilliant. And this quote has me very much intrigued...

The film will be privately screened at AFM, immediately after an invite-only ‘Venetian Masked Ball’ reception.
I hope we won't have to wait for it too long in Australia. Things are so much clearer with blockbusters!

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