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October 31 2012

QMX reveals Firefly dog tags. Sergeant Malcolm Reynolds' dog tags will be available during the first half of 2013.

In the future, the Chinese system of counting 57 as 五十七 (five tens, seven) has retained its characters but adopted the Arabic system of simply using the place in indicate the value of each number, thus, 五七. I can definitely imagine that happening over the course of the next several centuries.
Bishop, maybe I'm overthinking this b/c it's a confusion I've had all my life, but for larger numbers I don't imagine that panning out well. Chinese uses 10,000 (萬) the way we use the word "thousand", i.e. 100,000 is referred to as ten 萬. Furthermore, given that no one (as far as my Hong Kong catholic primary school education would indicate) currently does math with Chinese numeric characters, I'm going to hold steadfast to my skepticism.

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Shiny! I wish they were out now. I'm dressing us as Mal this year for Halloween.
counti8, you raise a good point. Perhaps one could imagine that in the 'verse this style of counting only goes up to, say, 100 or 1,000? Then again, if 100,000 in Arabic numerals is already understood as 十萬, would it be any harder to imagine 一〇〇,〇〇〇 being understood in the same way?
Most interesting use of a downward pointing pentacle I've seen.
Bishop, rather than wading into the reason I think it still wouldn't work, I'm just going to link to this primer on Chinese counting.

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