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October 31 2012

Promo poster for 'Much Ado About Nothing'. As seen at the American Film Market.

So transfer this play on dvd, blu ray, 4k ssd and SELL that movie.
So beautiful.

Want buy now.
Reminds me of Drive.
Amazing! So excited to see this movie. I don't know when that'll happen though.
I just made this my desktop wallpaper.
Holy Whedon.......

I want to BUY this poster. Right now.
Lovely - brought tears to my eyes with the weight of all those actors' history with him.
Is anyone else getting the cabin feeling. ie My god I've got so long to wait to see this film
I want to see this film. NOW.

I sort of side with the first comment on the link, that it would be amusingly jarring if they put "from the director of The Avengers" on the poster.
How about "written by William Shakespeare"? You'd think they'd put that on there somewhere. Dude wrote Romeo & Juliet, Hamlet, Othello, The Tempest, A Midsummer Night's Dream, Macbeth, The Taming of the Shrew and a whole bunch of stuff. How about "Written by the creator of the word 'lonely'"?
In fairness, I think a few people know Much Ado was written by William The Lonely.
"Written by the creator of the word 'lonely'"?

Love this idea.
Never before have I been so excited about something Shakespeare related.
I guess I am unique in disliking this image. To me, Alexis' look has a bit of the zompire in it.
@baxter Amy Acker looks a little like Scarlett Johanson also
Love it! So awesome to see these two together again.

(.... though my delight is tempered by a terrible fear that Beatrice dies in the end.)
Well if the big plot twist is that Alexis IS playing a zompire, then the odds are very good that Beatrice/Amy is gonna die (I think it is in Amy's standard Whedon contract, right?).
It is lovely, but I do see the same thing, baxter - there's something a little off about the expression they captured on Alexis' face... something about his lips.

He's obviously a very good looking man, but this photo makes his upper lip look non-existent.

No biggy, though - maybe a troubled relationship should have troubled faces... The design has a nice noir-ish tone...
Very old-school Hollywood glamorous, but I was hoping they'd look like like they were asking themselves, "Marry, fuck or kill?" and not knowing the answer.
I also see the weirdness. The original photo has been floating around for some time, so I know Alexis doesn't look weird in that one. So I guess it's some photo shop issue.
I'm curious to see it again without such a crowd full of Whedon fans, to see how everyone reacts to it. I hope to read the play before hand this time to grab more understanding of the dialogue.

Did Liongates not give any hints when it would be released? I can't see any in any searches.

I'm going to guess between January & April 2013. Unless they want to hold back until latter in the year to hit award season. I think it's probably too late this year to launch an marketing campaign and get it out before the end of the year.

but i wanna see a promo PROMO, you know, of the moving pictures variety.

when will we get some of that whedon lovin'?
I like the poster, I just think Alexis has been airbrushed too much.
Yeah, Alexis was airbrushed a little. The poster makes him look a little muppety.
Shakespeare noir, from the makers of Buffy!
They should show this once before New Year's Even. maybe it can get them notice from the Independent Spirit Awards next February
Aye, the ninja report, "muppety" is good. And a little Simpson-y, too.

(You hath maketh me to laugh most uproariously, with a greate and bawdy Shakespearean vigor, Pointy.)
Gorgeous poster, but not a fan of the airbrushing. The review link has the original picture and it's much better.

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