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November 01 2012's Gold Box Deal of the Day - Big discounts on Joss Whedon classics. There's some good bargains to be had here. Just in time for the holiday season too.

$13.49 is indeed an excellent price on the original box set... but how is it 73% discount from the 'list price' of $49.98? Every time I've bought the DVDs (which is 6-7 times, what with gifts and wearing out my own copies) they've been $20-$25, new... did they jack the price up THAT much after the Avengers came out? And if so... unless some of that money is going to Joss, I have a problem with that. $50 for 14 episodes? The only time I've seen prices that high is when they're imported from the UK... guess we'd better stock up now.
Now I'm confused, the email I have received told me about big discounts on Josh Whedon classics. I was wondering who that was and why there was a picture of the Firefly Blu Ray next to it.

sathena99 - the list price is called manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP). If you look on any retailer website, it will usually give you the list price and the retailer's offered price (in this case, $49.95 is list and $13.95 is the offered price).

MSRP was intended to help provide a standard for product pricing. Most retailers do not follow MSRP (it is, after all, merely a suggestion) because it's not competitive. As soon as one store drops its price to $30, everyone else follows suit. It's why during the holidays in the US, you can usually get the same thing for the same price across several stores. Everyone wants a piece of the pie.

ETA: Here's why the MSRP is so much higher than the price you would pay:

"The term "suggested" can be misleading because in many cases, this MSRP is extremely high compared to the actual wholesale cost, opening the market to "deep discounters" who are able to sell products substantially below the MSRP while still making a profit. The discount stores benefit from exorbitant MSRPs because the discount offered increases the perceived value to customers."

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Yeah, the MSRP for Firefly has always been $50, but I've never seen it actually sold for that price. Of the two sets my family owns I think one was $17 and one was $13.
The late Borders used to sell DVDs at MSRP. It was ridiculous that even during the going-out-of-business sales dvds were often only then reaching Amazon prices.
This is soooo dangerous for my wallet... I NEED to buy Dollhouse Season 1+2 on Blu-Ray, Serenity on Blu-Ray, heck even Firefly on Blu-Ray (I don't want it on JUST DVD) and the Buffy motion comics.... Might as well also buy my cousin Angel to complete her Buffyverse collection.
What is money? What is my life right now?
I've always wondered if 20th have thought about bringing a Whedonverse tv boxset that features Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse.
Now THAT, Simon, is a wonderful idea.
It's pretty sad that if they did release that, I'd buy it even knowing I have copies of everything already...
I think I paid more for most of my Buffy and Angel box sets per season than the prices listed for the complete series sets here and they were worth every penny, so from my perspective these are some pretty amazing deals. It's great that new fans can acquire the entire set so cheaply now (though for Joss et al.'s sake I also would be quite happy if the DVD's were still selling at far higher prices).

ETA: Come to think of it, I think I've also paid more for empty discs than the $1,77 that you pay per DVD in the complete Buffy set ($69 for 39 discs).

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Wow, those are good prices. Now I want to buy ALL THE THINGS!

Unfortunately, I'm kind of in starving barista mode these days. :-/
At the very least, I've always wondered why there wasn't a single Buffyverse boxset. It would make holiday gifting much easier.

Ideally and unrealistically, the shows would be combined so that each disc (starting with S4/S1) contains a mix of Buffy and Angel episodes in air order.
Anyone know if the blu rays could be played in region 2 players?
Ooh, that idea I really like Knuckleball (having Buffy and Angel intermixed and in correct viewing order on the same disc).
Firefly and Dollhouse BDs are region free as far as I know.
Great reason to replace my copy of Dr. Horrible that's been missing for way too long!
US-Blu Rays:
Dollhouse for S1 and S2 only carry the Region A (1) logo.
Dr. Horrible is region free
Firefly is Region A and Region B
Serenity seems to be region free.

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D-e-f-, those labels are very often incorrect. When I worked at FHE Firefly and Dollhouse BDs were region free. It's been a while though. Things could change. Buyer beware and all that.

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