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November 01 2012

Watch Kate Nash perform 'Once More With Feeling'. This is from last night's Buffy themed Halloween event that was mentioned here last month. And the NME has quotes from Kate talking about why this was the culmination of a long-standing dream for her.

Well that was... bizarre. Very cool, but bizarre...
She should release this. I'd buy it. It's the best fan concept I've seen in ages.
I hope it sounded better in person. The vocals were pretty rough at times.
Pretty cool and ambitious. Only issue I had was that dude not knowing the words to "Rest in Peace".
Wish I knew about this party. Looks like a blast
Singing was alright had some good and bad moments
Hated Kate Nash. No longer hate Kate Nash.
This is fun. Would love to see Joss re-record the songs with contemporary artists (similar to what Danny Elfman did with Nightmare Before Christmas for the album 'Nightmare Revisited')
Please indulge my naivete, but how is this different than showing the tv episode at CSTS and singing along?
How are the copyrights to the songs handled differently?
A band playing the songs live is only using the copyrights in the music and lyrics (and usually these are covered by licences from the collecting societies such as ASCAP in the USA or PRS for Music in the UK).

A television episode usually will be the subject of a further copyright and so someone showing it in public may also need the permission of whoever controls the copyright in that audio visual work.
I had no idea Kate Nash was a fan. She kind of looks the part of Buffy (ie a blonde valley girl) too.
Venues are typically on the hook to pay monthly fees to ASCAP, SESAC and BMI for this use of copyrighted material. It's the same or a similar class of fees that covers having a jukebox. If the venue doesn't have a license and a band plays a cover there, in theory the band could be liable to pay.
This is rather terrible, but let's face it, it also looks like it'd be a tonne of fun for attending Buffy fans.

Oh and "Once More Revisited" in the veign of "Nightmare Revisited" would indeed be awesome!

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