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November 01 2012

Eliza Dushku Q&A from Austin Comic-Con. She talks about Dollhouse, Buffy, and Angel, among other things.

Apropos of nothing, I suddenly realized that she'd have been perfect as Mara Jade... who is not only not going to be in a movie, but will presumably get "Jossed" (albeit by people who aren't Joss, the term is universal) out of existence.

I liked the question about her and SGM playing each other's characters, although it's almost a bit anticlimactic that there's no great inside baseball to how they both prepared. They really did a great job embodying each other's characters.
Lbrary computer so video impractical but personally I think she has improved greatly over the years, heck, over the course of _Dollhouse_. Then again, I'm no critic.

Hmm, her as Roxanne with maybe Hugh Jackman as Cyrano. Or title role in _Werewolf of Boston_, and that's because I think an all-female Americnaized remake of _Werewolf of London_ is a good diea, not just because I w ant to see a bedroom scene between her and Summer as the wife happy Eliza's back from the Himalayas.

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