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November 02 2012

S.H.I.E.L.D to begin filming in January? A casting call is out for the pilot. It describes Phil Coulson as a central character in the series. It's mostly just a confirmation of news we'd already seen elsewhere.

It could be set in the past, but I wonder if it won't mainly be flashbacks.
According to that casting call, Joss wrote and directed "Thor". I don't know if that stuff about Coulson being a central character is really that reliable.
It also says Joss is an Academy Award winner... if I'm not mistaken, that's not quite accurate either.. ?
Ragondux Of course he did. In the same reality where Tara, Anya, Wash, Fred, Wesley and Coulson didn't die. And "Buffy" won all sorts of Emmys and other awards.
Oh, ha. I didn't notice those mistakes. Yeah this might be not be reliable. He was nominated for an Academy Award. That's the same thing as winning, right?
Very off topic but wondering; the last we heard of In Your Eyes, it had wrapped shooting way back in April or so - anyone know what is going on with it..?
a bit off topic, according to a mysterious source, Joss would be in the shortlist to direct the next Star Wars. story here
It says the show and the movie will be "sharing constancy," like two Jane Austen characters.

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@apillo11, In Your Eyes was reported to be in post-production during the round of TIFF interviews.
Joss is an Academy Award winner for Toy Story.
I heard Coulson will be an Artificial Intelligence - not unlike JARVIS.
In Your Eyes has wrapped post-production as of September. If there aren't any big festivals to show it on, it will probably be a 2013 movie.
Thanks everyone. Don't know what made me suddenly think of it but could not for the life of me remember hearing anything since the start of the year. Got a little lost in the Avengers/Cabin/SHIELD/Much Ado blitz I think.
Coulson as Vision?
Coulson is gonna be like Zordon was to the Power Rangers.

A big talking head in a gigantic space-fishbowl!

That...would be AWESOME! [cue Mighty Morphin Power Rangers theme song]

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