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November 03 2012

Eyes on The Avengers. Too late for Halloween, but makeup artist Karita Brun mines The Avengers and other pop culture favorites for the inspiration behind some amazing peepers.

Includes a 'how-to' so you can Hulk your eyes!

Hey, we are having Halloween tonight and I bet a lot of east coasters are too, so not too late!

Is it 2015 yet?
All of them are gorgeous. Especially love Captain America's.
Oh my goodness, those 'Angry Birds' eyes are amazing (and hilarious!).
Wow, these are great. Now if I only I had the ability (and makeup) to do that!
I adored pretty much all of these. I thought that the Darth Vader eyes were very clever, the Angry Birds striking; but my heart belongs, as it always has, to the Hulk. As an added bonus, it would also work with my eye colour. The only weak point, for me, was that the Thor design didn't quite work as Thor. It looked great, but it looked nautical to me - like something for a rather steely mermaid.

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