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November 03 2012

Bid for unique Whedonverse collectibles. Can't Stop The Serenity's latest auction to help Equality Now has some really nice collector's items. There's a Shindig script signed by Jane Espenson, a Firefly crew gift from Gina Torres, a Jaynestown tshirt and poster signed by Adam Baldwin, a Buffy cast and crew belt bag from Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan and lots, lots more.

I'm amazed that after all this time there is still such great stuff but maybe the donors were even more generous since it is the 10th anniversary of Firefly and the 20th of Equality Now.
I won the Laser Engraved Metal Serenity Artwork with personal engraving (I think there was only one) in this auction last year at this time and it is a beautiful piece to own, so let me encourage people to bid. What I ended up paying was the most I have ever spent in an auction but I was full of joy the money went to Equality Now. And I do spy something there I would like to have this year!
Can the Firefly script be found elsewhere, or is this a very rare opportunity(besides the signature)?
Anne Thuong's knit dolls are the best thing I've ever seen, they are so perfect!
Can the Firefly script be found elsewhere, or is this a very rare opportunity(besides the signature)?
I find it very aggravating when folks set up automatic bidding; instantly outbidding you by $1.00. It's annoying, and takes the fun out of competing for an item.
TDBrown - It's not really automatic bidding. A bidder sets their highest bid, but ebay doesn't show it. So if someone bid $100, the item might say it's at $30. If you come and bid $35, ebay's going to raise it to $36. It's not the bidder that did that, it's the way ebay works.
I think I found the script. Took away my need to bid

'Done the impossible' DVD, is playable on region 2 players? It said region 0 on their website.
@Skytteflickan88 Yes, "region 0" means that it will play on all region DVD players. You can find more info on region codes here:

@TDBrown mossome is right on the nose with how eBay's auto-incrementing works. The intent behind it is that if you're willing to pay up to $100 for an item, and the next person is willing to pay $50, you only end up paying $51 instead of getting stuck with the whole $100. That way people are more comfortable placing their actual high bid, and letting the auto-increment do the minimum increasing for them.

If anyone participates in any Twilight, Star Trek, or other fandoms that have items listen here, we'd really appreciate any help you could give circulating the link in those communities.

And remember, bid early, bid often, it's for an awesome cause!

--ray (CSTS's auction lackey)
Ray, are these all the auctions for this year? All in one batch?
I can answer that! Yes, this is everything. We do have a couple more poster sets (Avengers/Dollhouse) but the 53 or so bundles is what is being auctioned.
Wow. People REALLY like Jayne!
I'm gonna go bid on some original Star Trek stuff. :)
Thank you Mossome and RayHill... I get it now.
Okay, I bid on something. Wonder how high I'll be outbid by? ;)
For those interested in the Avengers/Dollhouse posters, we've posted two new poster sets. We tried to post them all at the same time, but encountered a bug where eBay flipped out due to identical listings, so we had to delay this set. The new ones are 5 day listings, so they'll end the same day as the rest of the stuff.

3 Poster Set:
2 Poster Set:

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