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November 05 2012

Force is strong with dream 'Star Wars' directors. A wouldn't-it-be-cool list.

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Anyway, this list isn't anything we haven't already seen. It depends on what Disney wants out of the franchise. If it's true that Disney doesn't want anyone to put their own stamp on it, and prefers someone to just guide it along, I'm not sure half of those directors will do it. Is it worth being able to say "I made a Star Wars film" if that film is as robotic as Episode I because TPTB put you on rails and pulled all the strings?
This stuff continues to fill me with mostly deep, deep dread of what we might end up with. I feel hopeful that Joss won't be directly available thanks to the Avengers sequel, although I wonder at the possibility that he may be linked in some way to the script since (iirc) his deal with Marvel/Disney allows them to get some rewrite/creative consulting work done. To be honest they'd be crazy *not* to have him at least look at it given how the Avengers has done.

Someone on the OT forums posted about wondering which came first, the desire to make more toys or the desire to make the new movies... which is fairly accurately how I feel about it all right now.
As a Star Wars fanboy and a Joss Whedon obsessive, I'm confident in saying I don't think Star Wars is a franchise Joss should fiddle with. It's a different type of sci-fi/fantasy, and I don't see his style working with the established Space Wizards mood of the rest of the films. That list did make me like the idea of Jon Favreau or Matt Vaugn.
I agree with the article at least where it says Guillermo del Toro could be a great choice. There are probably other good choices, I just don't have my thinking brain on this morning.
Brad Bird seems like the obvious choice to me.

I'm sure Joss could make a good Star Wars movie if he wanted to; but I'd much much rather see him do other things. Like DH2 and Wastelands and (yes I'm a sucker for lost causes) Goners.
I too love Star Wars but feel that it's just not Joss Whedon's sandbox.

Although if he gets an idea for the verse, I would drool to see it.
I wouldn't mind if Joss was to write the dialogue for the new films. I might not cringe whenever a character opens their mouth.
I'm surprised at the limited view on this you guys have. In my eyes, Joss shouldn't touch the next trilogy. Those will essentially be part of the main canon, so they can't be Joss films.

Other films in the Star Wars Universe (I've said this before, I think Star Wars could be a great 'Bond-of-Sci-Fi' franchise, where you can make a lot of standalone stories or standalone trilogies within that universe that don't necessarily have anything else to do with each other), I think Joss could do a great job at. Then again he probably won't. He's already done his Star Wars. That's what Firefly/Serenity was.
Mitholas, I have read that the films will not be based on existing material - so in that regard, it seems like these next three films fit your definition of "other" films in the universe, and not the "canon" you associate with pre-existing material, like the first two trilogies.
I think because of Firefly & Serenity and the fact that Avengers was such a huge success, that Joss' name will continue to be brought up in articles as long as the director and writers are unknown. I think he would do a great job, but seems to be too busy with Marvel & his own independent work to take on a job that big and that would need to be moving fast to be released in 2015 in time.
Enough of what we want or think. What does Joss think?

This is Star Wars. If Joss is asked to helm one of these additional movies, would he be thrilled just to be asked? It's freaking Star Wars.

Oh, and thanks for the fixing of the linkage. I still haven't gotten the hang of it. Sorry about that.
Collider is reporting that Matthew Vaughn is beginning talks with Disney/Lucasfilm to direct Star Wars Episode VII.The report indicates that this is why he backed out of directing the X-Men:First Clas sequel,X-men:Days of Future Past two weeks ago(he'll still produce and Bryan Singer will direct instead).

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The Ninja Report: I saw an interview with George Lucas where he said he'd passed on his plans for the series to the new Powers That Be and that they were sifting through it to see how to make it all work. Hency my assumption that these would be part of, let's call it that, the Skywalker Canon.

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