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November 05 2012

(SPOILER) Dark Horse's Buffy Season 9 solicitations for February. There's Willow #4 of 5, Buffy #18, Angel & Faith # 19 and the third Angel & Faith trade collection.

R.I.P. Nadira
The Willow covers are beau, per usual, but I feel like they're all too similar. I'd like variety. Still, no cover on that mini has been lacking yet. I'm impressed. Glad to see Christos co-writing this issue! He's done fantastic on Angel & Faith, so more of his writing is good in my book.

The A&F covers are good! Not the best we've had, but still very good. It sounds intense. And it also sounds like Spike will be popping up in this issue. I absolutely love the A&F TPB cover! It's so pretty. And can I just say that this is the best Connor has ever looked? He looks very, erm, dashing, on this cover. And I love little Dark Willow on the bottom!

Not a fan of the first Buffy cover. It's too blocky for my liking. I really like Georges' cover though! I like the new look Severin is sporting, and I always like seeing that jacket Georges has provided for Buffy since early S8. I'm also really impressed by his Illyria. I was worried about how she would be portrayed, because I don't always fit well with Georges' style, but I like the gritty look he gives her armor. I hope she appears as well throughout the entire series. And it's pretty cool that Illyria and Buffy are teaming up! I expected it, but it's still cool. And I like Koh, so. I hope it's good, and better than most of Buffy has been this season.
I wonder what the deal with the Zombies is? We've seen the use sparingly in the verse and there's usually someone else behind them.
I am really excited for these issues, especially Angel & Faith. I wonder if we will see Ethan Rayne again in some form, I really hope so.
Nice to see Severin back in the game and a threat.
CBR please stop putting your logo on the covers.

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