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November 05 2012

Down In Front releases fan commentary for The Cabin In The Woods. A group of filmmakers and VFX artists (including one who worked on 3D conversion for The Avengers) share their love for the picture as they watch. Contains adult language.

A few minutes in, they give a disclaimer as to their level of knowledge of Joss and his work, and kindly ask Whedonesque members not to dismiss them too much for it.

Neat. Thank you.
I am pleased to have this excuse to watch Cabin in the Woods again.
These guys are funny and I'm enjoying their enthusiasm (I just loved CitW!).
I was listening to the player on the site (as opposed to downloading the mp3), synced with the movie. Then, 24 minutes into the podcast, it stopped. Which took me a moment to realize (at first I just thought they were having a quiet moment). So I downloaded the mp3, and now comes the nightmare of trying to sync it back up with the movie.
Take this as a warning. Download it. Don't stream it.
Finally got around to watching this. They tend to ramble on about single topics for 6 or 7 minutes at a time and sometimes it has nothing to do with what is on-screen. Overall, I think I could have skipped it. I'll give their Avengers commentary a try though and see if I like that any better.

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