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November 05 2012

Tonight on ABC - a very special episode of Castle. Richard Castle meets Nathan Fillion (sort of). It's the episode we were all getting excited about back in September.

That video wouldn't play for me, but I found a preview here that works. The title refers to Josh Whedon's Firefly, but the clip looks shiny!
When watching, remember that Beckett's captain had her own ship on DS9 (and married Ben Sisko.)
I'd completely forgotten about that! Now very excited.
I just saw a promo for it airing tonight on tv and immediately came here so I would have an appropriate place to squee. I didn't realize how soon it was airing. I am pumped.
That was absolutely EPIC!! I loved it!!
I agree.
Very entertaining. I had my happy grin from the opening Jonathan Frakes cameo, Castle's utterance of "Shiny" and reference to "that Joss Whedon show" to the flyby at the end. Lots of fun. Anyone think it is merely coincidence this show airs the week of the Science Channel Firefly reunion special Browncoats Unite (Sunday Nov 11 @ 10PM)?
Slap a spoiler tag on this thread and lets pick out all the references. Blue crime scene gloves?
Not exactly a reference, but Armin Shimerman! That was a surprise, and he was pretty funny. Speaking of which, while Castle is basically a setup for Nathan to ham it up, and I'm most definitely not complaining, Fillion was on tonight. Great performance.

And Alexis in that costume?!?! I feel old.
Captain America shield behind Castle's booth. Captain America & Iron Man costumes in background. Castle said "Shiny" and mentioned "that Joss Whedon show." Creavers obviously a take on Reavers, and Lt. Chloe a take on Zoe. And that was all before the theme played. (I think I also saw a Magneto.)

Plus several references to Nathan's own geekiness - he went to cons as Vader, he got excited about the prospect of a double-blade lightsaber, he has a life-size Boba Fett in his bathroom. (Nathan is a HUGE Star Wars fan, and has been seen with a lightsaber on more than one occasion.) Oh, and of course Armin Shimmerman's T-shirt that boldly claimed "Han Shot First."

Then you've got the show "Nebula-9" being cancelled after 12 episodes (Only 12 of Firefly aired), a massive fan effort to get it renewed, mention of a movie, and of a fan buying the rights.

Geek-tastic episode!
yep, it was great fun. And Beckett thinks Dr. Manhattan is sexy (btw, is she perfect or what? Smart, great sense of humor, super brave and a geek, too!). And what about Nathan's impression "Let's make sure history never forgets a ship named Enterprise" bit?
I guess I was probably the only one who checked to see if phasers were real yet. That's okay. I can bear this burden.
"Cylon skinjob. Please say Number 6!" - didn't he date Tricia Helfer?
Ariel's moon.

My only quibble - a masquerade at a con isn't a dance, it's a costume competition.
So GOOD! Loved it; the references, the acting! Made my year!
The killer's last name was is Kaylee's.
So much shoutouty goodness. Best episode ever.
There was a Picard impression and a Shatner song/spokenword at the end. Too bad they didnt play the Star Wars song at the bar.
"Cylon skinjob. Please say Number 6!" - didn't he date Tricia Helfer?

Bunnies | November 06, 08:59 CET

Yeah...think they went on one date after being set up by friends (since they're both Albertans). Didn't click, sadly...cuz that would have made one of the craziest genre hookups had everything else gone the same way re: their careers/lives (Capt. Mal and No. 6 as SOs) ;P
From what I'd read I thought Nebula-9 was going to be an homage to Firefly, but visually it was Star Trek through and through. The sets, the cast, the costumes and props, the Shatner and Stewart impressions, even the cameos by Shimmerman (Quark) and Frakes (Riker). Any Firefly references were little more than easter eggs.
I'm going to have to change my name to Nebula-9.
Dean, I know that the owners of the rights to Star Trek have been very easy going about letting others use blatant references to Star Trek (Faith got to kill a Vulcan on BtVS S7), but 20th Century Fox is very touchy about anything having to do with Firefly (threatening to sue fans), so probably it was safer for Castle to reference Star Trek instead of Firefly.
Plus it was written as the show KBecks loved so of course it would be a sci-fi show with a cast of disciplined heroes not ragtag motley crew of sometimes criminals. More her style.
I loved the episode. Laughed & was giddy till the end. :D

PS OMFG I still miss Firefly. :/
Oh that is a very good/insightful point, NYPinTA! Kate wouldn't find smugglers/lawbreakers as appealing as the utopian view of the Star Trek world. And I will always miss Firefly too.
Ah, some great scifi references on last nights episode, a great Frakes cameo, and more... Ahhh... Really good one.
He and Tricia Helfer both voiced characters in Halo: ODST, and they were romantically involved there. The characters I mean. Plus they used motion capture so it was pretty much Nathan and Tricia acting.
Great fun. I especially loved to see Armin Shimerman in such a Quark-like role again ("oh, the woman has taste").

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