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November 05 2012

The Most Amazing and Inspirational Cosplay from Long Beach Comic Con 2012! You'll see some awesome Avengers costumes, and more!

Thanks for that. Great costumes, and it does help to pick something that fits you physically if you want to look like the original.
Redeem147, I'd amend your comment with, "Or put the time/effort into creatively adapting into something that flatters you." the woman in the R2D2 headpiece and bodysuit certainly wasn't 3.5 feet tall and travelling on castors.

I get your sentiment and detect a hint of fat-shaming in it, which I find disappointing. It's your right to express the preference - there's a diff between cosplaying and cosplaying well - but I also appreciate that folks like the fellow doing Han Solo (built nowhere like Harrison Ford) put a lot of effort and love that deserves to be recognized.

(Or we could put on a sheet like Willow on Halloween.)

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Oh, man, the guy dressed as Han Solo toward the bottom of the page reminds me of the Patton Oswalt bit about how the role almost went to Nick Nolte.
Most of those are incredible, the classic and modern versions of the Joker in particular. But honestly, honestly, when a person dresses outside his or her body type it's no good for anyone. Doesn't matter how much effort went into it; the final product is what people remember. And when it doesn't work it's rather sad.
If the objective of cosplay is seen as accuracy in depiction of the character, then sure, Dean, your sentiment applies. But I would argue, an equally worthy objective of cosplay is the joy of making, personal expression and active participation as a fan. Not arguing with you that it can be done poorly. But cosplay is not all about what you think of the outcome.

I'll end on this.
Count8, I'm a costumer who has often done costumes that aren't based on my body type. But some of those were impressive because they did look like the original actors. It's all about fantasy, and of course we can have a great time portraying whoever we like.
counti8 I was very confused by the chicken Boba Fett, until I put two and two together and figured "They must be dressed as that cartoon thing...Family Guy or whatever did a parody." Hence the hefty Han wasn't playing outside his body type.

And in redeem147's defense, I think the implication (at least how I read it) was "If you're gonna cosplay as a character skinnier than you are, don't wear a costume that would fit that skinny actor, but adapt it to fit your body type." There were a couple of ladies who were...shall we say, more well-rounded than the character they were portraying, but they looked good in their costumes, whereas I've seen some where they look as if they tried to cram themselves into an outfit two sizes too small.

These were all fantastic, but I wish they had included captions for those of us who don't know every possible character to dress up as. For instance, what was the tall black creature from? (The one on stilts and ski poles, who was being assisted into costume by the guy in silver shorts and wings - and was he supposed to be a Weeping Angel?)

The Heath Ledger-esque Joker freaked me out. Talk about a ringer! And the comic-book Joker was fantastic as well; I'd like to see what that guy looks like w/out makeup. (Loved the shot of Batman punching him on the jaw!) The zombie sheriff was nifty - was that supposed to be from "Walking Dead" or something else?

Dean I put a lot of work in my Bellatrix LeStrange Death Eater mask. I, however, doubt anyone around here would know what it was supposed to be. If I were to wear it to a convention, there's a possibility it'd be recognized, especially if I picked up a long curly brown wig. Likewise my Morrigan (The Irish battle goddess, not the anime character) is a bit too obscure for most folks. I make costumes and props for the fun of it. And if, someday, I get a chance to wear any of it somewhere, I hope to get recognition for it.
I've been to the LBCC several times and the Heath Ledger Joker is a regular. He's very gratious about posing with you for photos, but he's in character 100% of the time. He'll rough you up first, muss your hair, and hold a blade to your throat. The fans love it.
I don't care about anyone's ideas about body type. This is about commitment and having fun. I loved lots of these, but particularly the Doctor Who costumes. I especially loved the TARDIS dresses and the Wonder Woman roller derby team.
And, the guy dressed as!

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