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February 19 2004

Last Platinum Ticket on Ebay for Oakland Slayercon and with only 3 days left it's already over $4000 US dollars.(Edited current price - at the time of original posting it was over $2000)

The convention is Aug 27-29, 2004. Currently it includes the following Jossverse actors .....
James Marsters/Spike - Andy Hallett/Lorne - Robia Lamorte/Jenny - George Hertzberg/Adam - Iyari Limon/Kennedy - James Leary/Clem - Adam Busch/Warren - Danny Strong/Jonathan - Tom Lenk/Andrew - Juliet Landau/Drucilla

Also James's band Ghost of the Robot will be playing a concert along with Velvet Chain.

Many more guests to be announced the week of February 20th!

There was suppose to be 5 selling on ebay but after a mix-up 2 had been over sold leaving only 3 tickets for the ebay auction. So this is offically the last platinum ticket.
These guys can't count higher than 20 yet people are handing them thousands of dollars of their hard earned cash. Yikes!
Overall the Vulkon cons are already pretty dang expensive, but 2000+ dollars on Ebay now?? For that money it better include a hotelroom with Eliza Dushku and Alyson Hannigan waiting in bed for me!

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