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November 06 2012

Mark watches Dollhouse for the first time. He's already on episode 1x03.

Is it me or is that site's tags not working properly? I was going to change the link to or but they're not bring up any of the episodes or they just bring up one episode.
It's not just you. Same with the "Angel" category. The last two reviews (5x02 + 5x03) are missing.
Both those links bring up all the Dollhouse reviews for me.
Well I think it's safe to say he's sold if he reacted that positively to Stage Fright.
I don't think even the writers liked that episode. I'm sure Mo tweeted some words to that effect.
Evidently Mark is a huge Eliza fan (and who can blame him?), so he is enjoying even the episodes the rest of us thought were weak. I cannot wait until he gets to 'Man on the Street' and the other really great episodes!
I'm pretty sure 'Man on the Street' will blow his mind. He is definitely not prepared.
I remember being gobsmacked by Eliza's surprisingly appealing voice in "Stage Fright." But I don't remember much else.
This was the first episode the network pushed for, and I'm not so much a fan of it. Dichen is great as the fangirl breaking down in front of the home video camera and there's some fun thematically stuff going on, but overall I remember thinking at the time 'Wow, there are a lot of cooks in the kitchen here'. I feel really bad for Jed and Maurissa as their name ended up on it as their first episode credit, but they're absolutely the people who turned the show around. By the end of the series I loved it fiercely.

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The scene at the end between Saunders and Boyd is pretty great, and Dichen is adorable as the fangirl.
I've been showing Dollhouse to three friends of mine who have never seen it before. It's fun to watch people's minds implode. It's my third time through the series and I think I'm finally starting to get it.
Yeah during Mark Watches Buffy and Angel I had better luck following the RSS feed. It was the only way that the recap links would show up when they were supposed to.

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In case anyone missed it:

Watch the video (jump to 43 minutes for the relevant part,) and enjoy the greatest reaction ever to the closing moments of the first episode of Angel season 5. Good thing he avoided the massive spoiler in the opening credits.
I actually really enjoyed Stage Fright, in a guilty pleasure kind of way.
I liked it to. It's a mini version of the show. Echo is tasked with protecting the singer. The Dollhouse assumes it's from an external threat. Echo realizes even in her doll state that the singer needed to be saved from herself & goes about doing so even though her actions are most definitely counter to the programming by putting the client in physical danger in order to save her. That's pretty telling of who Echo is & how special she is as a doll, that her instinct to help got past the programming even then.
I think it's time for me to do a rewatch. It really was a remarkable show.
I only watched Stage Fright once--when it originally aired in the States. Maybe enough time has passed that I should allow myself to watch it again?
@latinandgreek, I've been wanting to do a Dollhouse rewatch for a long time but I got so caught up in Mark watching Buffy and Angel I decided I'd wait till he started Dollhouse.
There is nothing better than watching anything with Mark, rewatching everything through his eyes adds so much more to the rewatching of anything! I've commissioned 3 or 4 episodes of Buffy and Angel and plan to do the same with Dollhouse as soon as I get the stupid power back on from stupid hurricane sandy.
In other words, if you plan on rewatching Dollhouse, I highly suggest you watch it with Mark.

@vandelay, I was able to watch Mark watch Conviction and his reaction to the part you're talking about is priceless!
Between Buffy, Angel, and now Dollhouse,there have been many priceless unprepared moments from Mark.
Mark Watches has become my favorite place in all the 'verses ever and it's thanks to Whedonesque that I found out about Mark, so thank you to the OP who linked here in the first place <3

(It goes without saying that Whedonesque is my go-to place as soon as I turn my computer on, I check here before I check my email because, you know, priorities ;)
I found Mark thanks to electricspcegrl and I usualy can't wait until 1 pm Pacific Time so I can read his latest review while I'm having my late lunch. It's great to read and/or watch him because he's coming to these shows completely unspoiled and enjoys them so much. I also just realised he's reading one of my favourite YA authors/series, Tamora Pierce's Tortall books - all of them! He's on book 3 of the "Song of the Lioness" series, which is the beginning.

I was lucky enough to see him live on tour in the spring. I haven't laughed that hard for quite some time.

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