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November 06 2012

(SPOILER) Jeff Parker interview about the Willow: Wonderland miniseries. The first issue is out tomorrow. ETA: An interview with Scott Allie about the mini-series can be found at Buffyfest.

The artwork behind the story, showing Willow and some sort of creature/worm, is truly excellent. It captures Alyson Hannigan perfectly.
It never registered with me that Jeff wrote Thunderbolts and Agents of Atlas. Two wonderfully underrated series.
Ah,I see the Scott Allie Buffyfest interview was added here.It covers a lot of stuff related to Willow and season 9 as a whole and there is a guest apparance midway through the interview with a little Angel & Faith update.
Maybe we'll have a Willow cross-over with Star Wars instead of Hellboy before Dark Horse loses the license. The Buffyverse became their editorial team playground

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