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November 07 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Willow - Wonderland #1. Our favourite witch begins her epic quest to bring magic back to the world.

I liked it. Many of the recent issues of Season 9 have not blown me away, and this one is no different. That's OK though, especially for the first issue of a mini. We are establishing the setting and the tone, and I think it will be fun to see Willow in this world.

Not sure how I feel about this world being the place that inspired Carroll's story; It will be fun to see nods to that but I don't want to get too wrapped up in the "Alice" reference.

We are introduced to Marrak, who appears to be a supporting player for this series. Pretty sure he will turn on Willow.
Here's my summary and review. I think the covers might have set our expectations a little too high.
I visit this site every day, and have only actually posted once before (because, shy), but I have some feelings about this issue! While I enjoyed it because of my undying love for Willow, and I miss magic-having Willow, I have an uncomfortable suspicion about Marrak. I'll hide it, in case it is inappropriate to just blurt out such things, but:
I thought it was an interesting start to the miniseries for sure. But mostly, I'm kinda sad and surprised there are only 3 replies to this thread! I thought this would be a much bigger deal. I remember during Season 8 there'd be dozens and dozens of replies for a new issue. Is no one interested in this miniseries? Or is just Season 9 in general? I'm a little thrown by the general lack of interest. Is it Joss' lack of involvement? Oh well, it's just that half the fun is talking about this stuff!
I have Willow:Wonderland # 1.

I liked the issue.I agree it's slow moving but I think it's also in line with Spike # 1 and my feelings are pretty much the same.I think Jeff Parker has Willow voice down and i can hear Alyson Hannigan saying some of the more Willowy lines.

As for Marrak.Need to see more of him but obviously he's on the shady side and I don't think you needed Scott Allie's new interview to confirm he has his own agenda.

The art was fine with me.I really liked that splash page recounting major moments from the show.The giant worm creature reminds me of the worms from Dune.

Overall,I thought it was decent issue.Nothing spectacular but decent.
spandrew- that is a very interesting thought...
I actually had the same idea about Marrak - but then there is this interview with Scott Allie by Buffyfeast where SA said that Marrak is somebody we never saw before. So likely he just has the same vibe about him and that's it. I find it fascinating that after drinking the life-giving water Willow has flashbacks of all her greatest passions, so to speak : some of them are romantic, some are great friendships, some are rather dark or mystical or both. Marrak has flashback of all his failures, and this might be primary indicator of how different they truly are and why Willow is not succumbing to her inner darkness so easily.
Nice to see Tara again, however brief, even if she was only a flashback and still dead. Glad Willow occasionally thinks about her in the "official" verse.
Spandrew, Is Warren really undid? He is dead now because Willow took his skin, maybe a delay from what we thought, but still his ultimate fate is intact from "Villains".
Willow seemingly killed Warren enough to allow the First Evil to take his form.
After Warren was resurrected as a character in Season 8, I always believed Warren died momentarily until Amy could save him...just like Xander saving Buffy in Prophecy Girl, so Warren was technically dead even for a few moments enabling the First to assume his form
narky, I suppose that is true. Also, Dorotea, I missed that interview with Scott Allie stating Marrak is someone new. I hope that's true...I still question why they would have bothered slipping in the line about him recognizing Willow, but I'm sure they have their reasons for everything. I hope you're right! I hope he is someone new, or at least not who I thought it was. I'll get over it quickly if it is, though. Any time something in the comics rubs me the wrong way, I remember the years after the show ended and before the comics started and I'm just happy I have new Buffy stories at all.

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@Spandrew, you'll find Scott's latest interview at this link

I've posted it yesterday, but for some reason @Simon deleted it saying that it was already posted (?). Then @Buffyfantic reposted it, but it was deleted again.
Well, I've searched and it is not posted in this site, so whoever wants to watch the video, follow the link. It has some spoilers though, just saying..
Anyone else like the fan letter in the back? Thats exactly how I feel about the Buffy comics right now.

Anyways...I really liked this issue! The only problem I had was it felt kind of rushed. One thing I liked about season 8 was it felt like it moved at it's own pace. With the Spike and Willow series (so far) I felt the issues were king of rushed to get the story out. With Buffy, it seems too drawn out. With 25 issues, I don't feel like they've gotten to the meat of the story yet and they are running out of time.
@Simon, thanks and sorry, but don't blame me for not being able to find it and see that it was embedded in the Parker's interview discussion.
Well personally I felt that Marrak looked an awful lot like Urkonn (Fray's 'Watcher' who betrays her), so I don't know if that means anything, but it is influencing my POV of the character. Interestingly the Slayers' Scythe doesn't look so much like itself...(it is still red, but weirdly different).

So let's see: I loved the cover, and I'm interested in the story. And I can't help but wonder if they will touch on how Willow ended up in the Fray Season 8 chapters.
I don't want to be a downer, but I think I'm definitely done with everything but the main series'. I strongly disliked the Spike series, this was a bit better but one thing remains: this feels nothing like the Buffy show I love. Space? Middle Earth? (I know that's not what it was, but you get the idea). This isn't the Buffyverse to me. I would have gladly taken a comic where the Scooby gang goes out for a cup of coffee over this, at least that would feature the great character interaction that's at the heart of the show.

I love Buffy more than any other TV show ever, I'm glad the comics exist but these solo miniseries are not working for me; I'm glad the main series is remaining at "good enough" and that Angel and Faith remains a delight.

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