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November 07 2012

Best Buy's Black Friday sale will feature some Whedon titles. Both the Firefly DVD box set and the BluRay of Cabin in the Woods will be available at Best Buy for only $7.99 each on Black Friday if you are one of the brave that participate in this.

Not at all official but over the last few years Amazon has been pretty good at matching a lot of Black Friday prices so they may have a similar sale so you can avoid the craziness.

Is there anyway to combine shipping on amazon?

-EDIT Apparently not, according to their site. And best buy doesn't ship internationally. Anyone who knows a store that does both?

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What do you mean, combine shipping?
Skytte is trying to buy from another country.

Skytte, Amazon won't price-match these because these are what are known as "door-buster" items for Black Friday. Each store only gets a few, and people in the US camp outside in the freezing cold to be in line. They are special sales for masochists only.

Sometimes, Best Buy will also designate a few to be sold online, and maybe that is their plan with these, I don't know. But it is still 1:100 odds that even someone in the United States will be able to get these from Sometimes by the time a person is ready to press the final button to place their order, the items are already sold out.

Amazon might try to undercut Best Buy by putting the same items, or similar items, on sale on Black Friday as well. But again there will only be a few of them, for only a few hours (or as long as they last). Good luck!

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So these aren't items you can just buy at will and have shipped to you for free?
I guess I'm lucky I don't live in the states this time. Being trampeled doesn't sound that much fun, but I might have gone there for cheap prices anyway.
I love the Black Friday camping. Amazon always matches Best Buy's Black Friday ads so just keep an eye on Amazon during Black Friday Deals Week. has a price tracker with email alerts if you really see a movie price you don't want to miss.

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