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November 07 2012

And Now, a Joyful Firefly Music Video: "No Power in the Verse Can Stop Me". This Sunday, the Science Channel celebrates Firefly's tenth anniversary, with Firefly: Browncoats Unite. They gave us some autotuned goodness to rest our ears on.

That was awesome !
Yeah, I liked it.
These are both excellent.

I particularly love Jayne woohooing in Livin' on a Prayer. Must taken a lot of patience and love to put this together.
shiny and pretty
I'm not feeling it. Gregory Bros, Pogo, Symphony of Science, Fall on your Sword, Swede Mason and others have all set the bar kind of high for this kind of thing, and this didn't come close. It felt kind of like a first attempt. I don't know who made this, but if it was one of the people I just listed, they weren't giving it their all.

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This is the best thing since music.

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