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November 08 2012

A Review of Browncoats Unite. The special airs Sunday night on The Science Channel (after a Firefly marathon). Diane Werts over at Newsday provides an early review.

"verbal curlicues" :D
Cannot wait to see it.
The rough cut mainly just made me want them to post online the roundtable uncut and in full, and the individual interviews uncut and in full.
I kind of agree with the reviewer. For an hour long special, you really don't want to have Joss there. He's so funny that he takes you out of whatever's being talked about. Especially when in a room with Nathan Fillion. While funny, you kinda just wanna get more of the relationships the actors had with each other and the writers and their characters.

Joss is great and has given us plenty in the countless interviews and audio commentaries.
On the other hand, I'm pretty sure if they made a 10 year Firefly reunion TV show without joss, people might complain..
@gossi Heh Heh, nice. :)

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