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November 08 2012

The Cabin in The Woods as a Choose Your Own Adventure book. Cool fan art that's doing the rounds on the social media circuit today. Spoilers if you haven't yet seen the movie.

I would totally buy this.
I'd have to buy two of these-one for my 12yo and one for me!
I would choose EVERY adventure!
I so wish I had seen this film in theaters, but it will be released direct to video in my country.

Choose Your Own Adventure books were great. I'm having all kinds of "Lone Wolf" nostalgia right now.
That could be great, just the options to stories after the basement would be amazing.
The best point, to me, could also be that as I always died in these books, at least the world would be saved in the end.
Thanks for sharing my art! I appreciate it! :) -alice.
Just a heads up- I am selling a limited edition print of the Cabin In The Woods/Choose Your Own Adventure starting tomorrow. I will tweet the link at 11AM. If you're interested, follow me @comixguru. Thanks! :) - alice.

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