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November 08 2012

Jewel Staite calls Firefly "the one that got away". With the reunion special airing on Sunday, Hero Complex spoke to Jewel about Firefly, Serenity, Joss and what's next for her.

"And no, we're not filming 'Serenity 2' on a beach."

Hilarious ending to a great interview, lol.
Jewel’s summation was spot on.

JS: “I think the thing that hooked people initially was strangely enough the abrupt finality of it all. It was this really well fleshed-out world with all of these crazy back stories that were just getting revealed, and then all of a sudden that was it. The thing I hear the most is how devastated people are when they get to the last episode in the season and realize that there isn’t anything left to watch.”
Memo to self: If I ever find myself face-to-face with any Firefly cast member, do not ask about a sequel.
I'd suggest asking Jewel about the sequel to Cactabear.
"I'd suggest asking Jewel about the sequel to Cactabear."

LOL! I just spewed coffee all over my keyboard.
She probably won't get too much of Cactubear's sequel, since she was fired from that great flick ;), however, I hope they never do a Doomsday Prophecy II
she's spot on, I think. To this day, that's exactly how I feel watching Objects in Space, even with the movie coming up next in my (almost) yearly rewatch of the show.

I bet when people stop asking the cast about a sequel it will be because they'll be asking about a reboot instead.
I saw the movie before I watched the show so maybe that's why (plus my general disaff3etcion with Joss by the time I saw them, last year) it never really grabbed me. Individually good ep.s, and I've made some very limited effort to follow the actors since, but I could never really care much about the world setting.

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