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November 09 2012

Willow and Oz, reunited. A cute pic from the set of How I Met Your Mother.

Seth Green is filming an episode of HIMYM. Here's another one!

Adorable! "Lily's" shirt looks awfully Willowy.
As if not a day had passed.
HIMYM is chock full o' Whedon alumni!
Call me crazy, but I'm pretty sure Alyson Hannigan's wearing the same shirt/dress that she was wearing in "Becoming Part 1." Exhibit A: Willow and Buffy in "Becoming Part 1".

ETA: Found a few pictures of Willow wearing aforementioned shirt.
Willow and Buffy in Library "Becoming Part 1"
Willow and Kendra in "Becoming Part 1"

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WhatsAStevedore - for that reason I've always insisted that the best possible casting for the mother has to be Felicia Day.

Mistress of Peyn - if it's not the same one it's ridiculously close.
Next they need to get Amber Benson for an episode.
Nevemind, I missed that the other pic already posted :)

Super cute, though!

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That second picture is adorable! I'm actually really excited for this episode now, it will be great to see them acting together again! But I agree with The1stMJC too, would love for Amber Benson to pop up before HIMYM ends.
Didn't they know each other as kid actors as well? They go way back.
WahtsaStevedore: Well it was the first couple seasons, less so as time went by.

lioness:They were both in _My Stepmother Is an ALien_.

The1stMC, manbearpig, Mat7325; To me, Felicia would be better as a long-lost half-sister for Lily, features-wise. I keep hoping for Amber as the Mother, she does make a cute brunette although the kids don't really have features like that.

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