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November 09 2012

Sean Maher wants Whedon to make Serenity sequel. Hero Complex talks to Sean Maher about Firefly and the reunion special coming up on Sunday and the possibility of a Serenity sequel.

I love Sean Maher interviews. He's so thoughtful. I would love for a Serenity sequel. Even a TV miniseries would be awesome. Even if I have to wait 5-10 years for it. (Though, sooner is better!)
Great article. Sean is awesome. Thanks for posting.
One. More. Film!
Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here:
Newscorp owns Firefly. Universal had the movie rights, but due to the lack of sequels, that license has probably expired at this point, leaving it most likely back with Newscorp entirely. As such, Universal probably can't make a Serenity sequel. Newscorp probably doesn't want to do anything with Firefly, but they're probably not eager to sell it either.
Meanwhile, Joss is under an exclusive contract with Disney, so he can't do anything with Newscorp for at least 3(?) years or so. He is also set to be pretty busy during that period.
So, if I've got the details right, there is pretty much no chance of a Firefly movie happening within the next 3 years (unless Disney were to buy the property from Newscorp and ask Joss to whip up an outline on the side while working on the Avengers sequel, which seems very unlikely to happen), and the only way for a Firefly movie to happen at Newscorp is if 20th Century Fox waits for the Disney contract to expire and then swoop in after the success of Avengers 2 and go "Hey, you're huge now. Wanna go back to space for a bit?, and that's pretty much the only sliver of hope there is.
Universal told me their licensing expired, and they direct all licensing requests back to 20th Century Fox now. Joss is under an exclusivity agreement with Marvel until June 2015 for TV and movies. That's my understanding.

I still think it would be fun to swing around to Firefly again in another 10-15 years. By then the cost of special effects and production will have fallen further. Something smaller in production, more personal and grizzled.
What a lovely long interview. I hadn't ever heard the details of Sean's Firefly test with the network and how Joss had told him he had the job.

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