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November 10 2012

Fran Kranz cast as lead in The Truth About Lies. According to Deadline Hollywood "Kranz has the lead role of Gilby, an aimless guy who's fired from a dead-end job, dumped by his girlfriend and forced to move in with his mother when his apartment building burns down."

This is a movie, correct? Because I could see Kranz killing it in a TV show as his character, where they could give more time to his eventual redemption as an upstanding citizen.
I'm pretty sure it's a movie.
It better be a movie, cause I really want Fran to be on SHIELD... Haha
Is this a semi-major feature, or one of those invisible indies Amber seems locked into?
As long as this doesn't intervene with SHIELD, I'm okay.

I mean, what?
DaddyCatAlso, it doesn't look like this is attached to a major studio. Seems to be an invisible indie like you guessed.
I love invisible indies

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