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November 11 2012

Bid on the set for Science Channel's Firefly anniversary special. It's a charity auction. "This is your chance to bring home the table, five chairs and lamps used by the cast and writers when shooting the Firefly Anniversary Special, airing on Science! Made by the production designers who worked on the series itself, take home this homage to Serenity today and be the shiney-est Browncoat ever!"

Also includes the additional extras, "dinosaur replicas signed by Alan Tudyk and 2 replicas of Jayne's 'Cunning Hat'".

I think I have figured out how to make the table lights. Been wanting to make those for ever. Please tell me...are those steamer trays?
wish I had room for that table--as well as the coin to bid
madmolly - Yes, they are steamer trays. :)
Then I'm on it. They'll make awesome Christmas gifts for the Browncoats in my life.
"Please note this is a table top and does not include legs."

It's like the Mule, which originally was connected to the ground through its wheels, but later lost them as it developed the ability to hover a few feet above the ground.
madmolly, can you post a how-to for those of us who are less crafty, but interested in making lights?

Also, cool table, but why doesn't it have legs? I'm confused.
Presumably it had legs, or whatever, but they aren't included. For all we know it was resting on a couple of sawhorses.

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