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November 12 2012

Spaceship Alphabet. A great poster with a spaceship for each letter of the alphabet -- and of course, S stands for...?

It was also on io9 some days ago.

[Edit] And I just noticed that Q is the Avengers' Quinjet.

The oldest : Tardis or Fireball. XL5, both are around 1962-63
This poster makes me happy.
Nice. Maybe to picky, but I miss the "Discovery" or the "Orion" from "2001", the "Eagles" from "Space 1999", the "Nostromo" ... have to stop here, guess there's much stuff for a at least a second poster.
Hihi, in the Star Wars Expanded Universe, it would probably be possible to make a poster that consists of nothing but ?-Wings :-D.

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