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November 12 2012

Firefly fan film Browncoats: Independence War slated for Summer 2013. Says the site: "For six months, 16 Combat Brigades of the Independence Army held off a massive Alliance assault on the Planet Hera. They made their final stand in the mountains of the southern continent - in a place called 'Serenity Valley'."

Plot outline from the FB page:
After fighting for months, the final battle of Serenity Valley begins. This film deals with several squads of the 5th Battalion of the 76th Combat Brigade. The soldiers are tasked with a dangerous mission, to evacuate civilian refugees who have been caught in Serenity Valley before they are all killed by the inevitable Alliance assault.

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So just out of curiosity, obviously this is a fan project and there's probably a charity aspect to this to get out of licensing, but do we know if anyone talked to Joss for anything related to backstory so they wouldn't mess anything up? I'm sure this wouldn't be canon, I'm just curious if they tried.
There's no indication of charity involvement. The FB indicates it's not a for-profit endeavor "designed for contests, festivals and fan conventions". Generally and ultimately, it's up to the license holder to decide if fan films are okay with them.

ETA: Some might recall the recent instance of a project out of Austin that was trying to crowdfundraise $1 million for a story that was actually about Mal. It caused some fan consternation, raised $58, and apparently vanished. On the other hand, things like Bellflower -- which finally saw the light of day even more recently -- aren't about the characters we know, and putter along as projects of passion.)

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Sounds good! I love fan movies (and not just because I keep hoping that Fox will finally wake up and smell the possible franchise).

That crowdfunding attempt back in August was so bizarre. If you go to the Indiegogo page, it offers the perks' estimated delivery as December 2012. In other words, they promised to get the DVDs, BR and Soundtrack out within less than 4 months from the moment they started the push for the funding! Again, bizarre.
I wish them oodles and oodles of fat Fox lawyers. Good luck with that.
I suspect they'll have no more trouble than did Bellflower or Into the Black.
FWIW, if anyone is interested in the ins and outs of fan films (for example, the legal issues), the Organization for Transformative Works has a lot of blog posts with a lot of links.
It's almost certainly against the law but as long as they aren't trying to make money from it, I don't care. And I doubt Fox care either. The only problem I have with things like this is where people announce now projects with "ONE MILLION DOLLARS!" or "We're a business!", and that's where the studios tend to eagle eye.

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