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November 13 2012

Two more S.H.I.E.L.D. agents revealed. Elizabeth Henstridge and Iain De Caestecker have boarded the Marvel TV adaptation.

Yay. The Fades!
I don't know either, but I trust that they chose well. They also continued the tradition of casting people with hard to spell names.
Iain was so good in The Fades, really happy to see he has landed on his feet and into both the Marvel and Whedon verse.
New blood! Hope Iain uses his Scottish accent.
Hooray, new blood!
They're @Lil_Henstridge and @IdeCaestecker on Twitter. Also @MingNa for Ming-Na.

Iain De Caestecker is a great comedy actor (always a good sign) and Elizabeth shot a soap near here and is super cute. So all good.

Edit: fixed my MingNa twitter typo.

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So out of the initial 5 that just leaves Skye and Ward. I wonder who will drop next (my non-existent money's on Ward.)
"Agent Leo Fitz, a technology guru": makes me think Topher Brink meets Q...
I wonder if Elizabeth Henstridge is any relation to Natasha Henstridge of "Species" and "She Spies" fame?
Elizabeth is English and Natasha is Canadian. Probably not.
Volo you should really clarify as Buffy once did: "Q from Bond, not Star Trek."

Wow, those two don't even have Wiki pages yet. But at least now they have tags on Whedonesque. Can't wait to see how this show shapes up.

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