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November 13 2012

Browncoats Unite delivers big for the Science Channel. According to the network, the Sunday night special "garnered a total of 1.2 million viewers and was also the Science Channel's most-watched Sunday night ever among the 25-54 demo with a 0.5 rating".

Once again, if the Science Channel wants to make some more money, sell it online. So many people still want to see it and are willing to pay for it, if only they make it available (I wonder if that is a licensing thing).
Great to hear it paid off for Science Channel, wonder what their next move will be. Do they try and pursue more with Firefly or try and recreate some magic with other sci-fi shows? I know they will be airing Fringe soon.
Or how about a dvd of the special? It'd be great to add something else to my Firefly collection on the dvd shelf!
OR how about they bring it back for a few more episodes.....

too soon?
I would definitely purchase a DVD, especially if it had more of the roundtable that didn't make it into what was aired.

Anyway, glad to see this was such a success for the Science Channel.
Prior to the airing, a source at Science Channel told me that network folks have been considering putting together an extended DVD of F:BU, depending on the ratings for the special. They had quite a bit more material than they could fit in the 43min run time-- which was why they released exclusive clips online. Now that they are lauding its performance, I expect they'll be revisiting that idea.
I'd love a dvd. We don't get that channel, so pretty much couldn't see it.
Scraggles, I live a cable-free life so I missed it as well. There are plenty of sites online though that have it. I can post the link to where I saw it but don't know how the mods feel about that.
Probably with disappoval. (I already got one link chased off YouTube.)

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