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September 30 2002

(SPOILER) Ohigod! Don't look! It's the WILDFEED! Go ye no further, unless of course, like me, you like being 'spoiled' and learning as much as you can about an episode of Buffy before it broadcasts. This thread is ONLY for people who have ALREADY seen the episode (or equiv. plot treatment) for Season Seven Episode Two. YOU HAVE BEEN DUTIFULLY WARNED!

Are they gone? Good. It's just you and me now.

Spike embracing the cross? Wow! Anya renegging on a wish? Dawn threatening to burn Spikey? Buffy gets to serve detention? And who's this Nancy babe? Omigod!!

Your thoughts? LET'S DISH!

"Who is killing all the great Slayer trainees of Europe?" (obscure movie reference)

I couldn't resist and read not one but three different wildfeeds. Then I saw the episode (I'm in love with Usenet right now).

Remember how S6 episodes seemed to drag on a bit? Lots of filler footage?

This episode is action packed. From Lola Rennt to ExtraCrispy!Spike, there's something going on in every scene, and you're constantly thinking "was that a clue? was that foreshadowing?". Really enjoyed it.

I never thought I'd say this, but Dawn rocks. She's quickly becoming the kid that outsmarts her "parents", Buffy and Xander. They've got a nice little family thing going on there.

Nancy was cool, and well cast. A bit like Anya, just enough to understand Xander's interest in her.

The worm looked like a lot of scary big worms we've seen in the movies, but that didn't matter, it looked good. Certainly looked a lot better than the Mayor's snakey demon.

Willow's still weary but she's got a bit of her old talkative self back. Interesting bit there "you may not be wanted, but you will be needed". Does Giles know more about what's going on in Sunnydale than we do?

Question... did they go all the way to England to shoot 4 minutes of screentime?

Quite a bit of continuity this week. Spike chasing rats, like Angel. Buffy talking about Dawn's fling with a vamp in last year's "All the Way". Spike mentioning Angel (that bloke on the other network). Buffy mentioning Flutie. Also, in "Lessons", the principal (who everyone thinks is hot, except me), thinks there was a "dog tragedy". In "Beneath You", the puppy gets it.

Spike kept glancing upwards and mentioning "him" ("Him"?). Is he going reli on us? That would be great. He could become like "Book" in Firefly, the resident boring priest. Be nice if he'd take the chastity vow as well. Marsters is doing great, but his English accent is slipping. They need somebody on the set to coach him a bit. He looked good in Superman blue, though...

Best line this week's from Nancy: "Is there anyone here who HASN'T slept with each other?" (The look Xander and Spike give each other is funny, but it's laying it on a bit thick for the slashers.)

I give it another B. I'd consider a B+ if they put nicer clothes on Anya and give Giles more screentime.
ohmigosh, I did so peek and read the spoiler---now I can't wait to see it translated on screen. 2 1/2 more hours!
Now, hmmm, what is that look between Xander and Spike all about???? ;)

I'll be ready to dish tomorrow---wish I was a Canadian.
Ok, the final scene in the church last night was riveting. Actually the whole episode was riveting. I Tivo'd it so I could blow through the commercials. I can't WAIT until next week.

Will it come down to Faith and Buffy saving the world together? Then Buffy walks off into the sunset??? Just speculating, NOT spoiling.

Hey, where's Clem????
I can't imagine having to watch Buffy with commercials in it. It'd drive me nuts.

I don't think they'll need Clem this season, they don't have any spare time in the episodes for filler demons. If he comes back I hope it's with an evil twist.
eeeee-vil Clem??? Boggles the mind. ;)

Yes, Tivo is a most wonderous invention.

Anya is pretty much toast, now, since she reversed her 'wish'---

So far I am loving how the episodes have a skewed element from past seasons (like the worm and the mayors snake, for example). Wonder what next week's will be??? Invisible Willow? Cheerleader Dawn (with optional self-immolation)---Hey, when Spike is 'crazy' do you think he sees Dawn as a green glowy thing?

And are we EVER going to address why Spike can hit Buffy, but not other humans????

Simple minds want to know!

[ edited by The Lady Pele on 2002-10-02 18:26 ]
Well... Clem did play for kittens.

As for Spike hitting Buffy, Tara told her she'd changed on a molecular level.
You don't need Tivo. Just do a Gnutella search for "buffy 7x02" to download it, also without the commercials.
Amazing episode! Like, wow. I enjoyed this a lot more than the season opener.

Spike kept glancing upwards and mentioning "him" ("Him"?). Is he going reli on us?
I thought he was referring to the shapeshifter here, the "evil beneath [Buffy]" that constantly floats around him, that only he seems to hear.
And are we EVER going to address why Spike can hit Buffy, but not other humans????

Tara answered this last season. Something weird to do with Buffy on a molecular level when she came back. There's nothing wrong with her, she's just slightly different; different enough to confuse Spike's chip.
So, was I the only one that noticed Spike's look when he skewered the guy? It was almost the exact same look as when he first hit buffy: The immediate cowering in pain, and then a "what the hell?" look.

I wasn't sure whether this meant that the chip is gone (or broken) and he can hit anyone, or that the pain from the chip was quickly muted by his angry new soul.
or the guy was still in the 'morphing' stage from worm to man, so his chip was confused. Still---
Or James Marsters held that 'ouch' pose just a second too short, causing fans world wide having to debate what the hell went on in the scene.

I'm not Marsters biggest fan (as in 'he's good, but he's not THAT good'), but I must say the opening scene of him talking to the rodent in "Beneath You" has a lovely flow to it. I like that piece of text better than the closing scene in the church:

"No, no, no, no, no, no, now is not the time. You know it. I know it. Making them understand... is a totally different matter. No manners, 's the problem. No breeding, lack of etiquette, all of it lacking. All of it lost on them. Not the time. Not hardly ready. Stop!"

It's the combination of James' delivery and the background score that makes it good. Too bad he says 'toadally' almost in his native accent, otherwise it'd been perfect.

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