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February 19 2004

Eliza in Spider-man 3? hints at Sam Raimi having Eliza Dushku in mind for the character of Felicia Hardy (The Black Cat).

Ohh.. she could definitely do it.! Unless, ofcourse she's too busy playing a Vampire Slayer. ;)
She'd be perfect.
Add this to the long list of parts of which Eliza Dushku is capable. I still say she'd be a better Wonder Woman than any of the actresses previously mentioned for the part. That includes SMG.
See I still don't know about that one. Eliza and Sarah still look younger. Charisma, to me, is the idealic Wonder Woman as she showed in "You're Welcome" that she's got a full body and a ripe age. Sarah's too short, and Eliza has a more "tough girl" look to her.
Eliza would be PERFECT for Black Cat... she is the opposite of Kristen Dunst/Mary Jane... plus we all know she can play the good girl/bad girl thing just as well... and the fact that we would get to see a blond Eliza would be awesome. Good stuff.
BlindHawkeyes - I think SMG and Eliza Dushku are the same height. I think Charisma Carpenter has the physical looks of Wonder Woman more than any other actress that has previously been mentioned for this part.
As someone who is (to put it mildly) not too big a fan of Kirsten Dunst, I would LOVE to see Eliza Dushku in the third Spiderman installment.

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Plus, they have the whole Bring it On history, so I'm sure the chemistry would be there between Eliza and Kirsten.
Yes! Eliza as Black Cat...bring it on!
Oooww Eliza as the Black Cat......ooooww Eliza wrapped in skin tight black vinyl.....grrnfffff.......drooollllll.....make it happen. She can take a break from "Faith the Vampire Slayer" by then ;-)

(Yes that was a very immature post. I know. Can't help it.)
This came from the British film magazine 'Hotdog' at the end of November last year, it's more interesting to see what Dark Horizons left out (since then it hasn't been verified anywhere else).

Gotta Have Faith
Former Buffy star Eliza Dushku is in talks with Sam Raimi to star in the next Spider-Man flick. The astute brunette would be playing the role of Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, who like Peter Parker harbours a covert second side. Raimi's apparently prepping Spider-Man 3 for production shortly, so he can go off and make Evil Dead 4, which funnily enough Raimi is considering Buffy co-star Nicholas Brendon for. He'd play the son of Ash (Bruce Campbell) in the film...

I can so see Nick Brendon as Bruce Campbells son in the Evil Dead movies or anything else for that matter - that would be awesome - I wish they had gotten Bruce for Xander's dad on Buffy, he would have been great - I mean they do bare a familial resemblence to one another.
Nicholas Brendon as Bruce Campbell's son would be great! That's so funny. I didn't even know Raimi was making a fourth installment--that's exciting.

As for Wonder Woman, to me it depends on whether the filmmakers are basing it more on the actual comic book character or if it is more of a take-off on the television show from the '70s. If it's the show then I think CC would be perfect, if they're going for something more fundamental to the character then Eliza Dushku is probably a better choice.
Hah! Yeah Bruce Campbell as Xander's dad could have been great! As for Xander on the Evil Dead movies....ah, I do hope it's not to replace Bruce, because as much as I like Nick, he can't pull that off, sorry.

And if they're both in there, I hope it's not going to be in the vein of George of the Jungle II or Crocodile Dundee III "Oh there's a SON now. Father-son jokes. Hilarity ensues...."

Cause, you know, hilarity does not always ensue...

As for Wonder Woman, well she's supposed to be this tall, powerful impressive Amazon. And as brilliant as Sarah was as Buffy, let's face it she's a pretty but pale, scrawny little squirt. I mean she is tiny in every way. I just don't see it.

Eliza is a little taller and firmer but she still comes across like a college girl in age. I'd say between the three Charisma comes the closest. If only she can get rid of her naturally sarcastic grins, hehe.
I was assuming that it meant that both Campbell and Brendon would be in it. Still, I wouldn't write him off, I have a hunch he could be really pretty good at some physical comedy. It's unfair to try to compare most anyone to Campbell--he's such a maestro at it.

I don't even entertain the idea of SMG as Wonder Woman. It makes no sense to me. And I also think even if they did want her for it she shouldn't do it if she wants to break into other genres.
That bit about Nicholas Brendan playing Ash's son in the next Evil Dead movie immediately reminded me of one of the only fanfics that I've ever read.

'Of Chainsaws and Shotguns' - Found towards the bottom of the page.

It's a story where Ash moves to Sunnydale and takes on Xander as an apprentice. I can't remember now if it was any good or not, I just thought the crossover was interesting.

Eliza as Black Cat? You've got my vote. And I'm still with the 'Charisma for Wonder Woman' group. Not only does she fit the build, but I really think she's capable of covering the personality perfectly.
Holy crap, Brendon as Ash's son is awesome. Forget just having a movie, let's have them in some sort of a weekly series of Evil Dead. Raimi knows how to write on a budget so it wouldn't have to cost too much.

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