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November 15 2012

Buffy and Angel feature in a "top 100 SF characters of all time" list. Stratego Sci-Fi surveyed more than 2000 people in the UK and Buffy came in at no. 50 and Angel at no. 67.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer had a huge devoted following in the UK back in the day, so these results reflect the impact the show had. Firefly and Dollhouse not so much in case any non-UK'ers were wondering.

Interesting read, I wouldn't have expected Buffy (or Angel) on a list of Sci-Fi characters.
In a way, the list has a peculiar 90s flair to me, especially with MIB, Independence Day, and Jurassic Park characters so high up.

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Interesting that The Daleks show up much higher in a list of *heroes* than The Doctor. Or the TARDIS, for that matter...

Also interesting that Will Smith shoes up twice in the top 12.
It's a list of characters, though Superman at #1 is certainly a hero.

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