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November 15 2012

Kristen Connolly in a trailer for House Of Cards. She shows up briefly in the trailer for the new Netflix-exclusive series, starring Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

The original "House of Cards" was wonderful. Don't know what being Americanized will do for it (British politics and American politics are not identical), but looking forward to the new version. And very glad Kristen Connolly is getting more work. She's also in "The Bay" (Barry Levinson-directed eco-horror movie) that's in theatres now.
You can also just rent The Bay on Amazon. Or you could the other week when I did.
And? Was "The Bay" good? :)

It's hard for me to imagine "House of Cards" Americanized. It seemed extremely British.
I had a giddy moment thinking this was a remake of the 1968 film House of Cards with George Peppard and Orson Welles. It was one of my favorite movies as a child. I was waaay too young to be watching it.

Yet, this looks good too. I'm glad Kristen Connolly gets to work with such fine people. Kevin Spacey is wicked talented.

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To me this trailer felt like something based partly off the George W. Bush administration rather than anything British. I wouldn't be surprised if it is just very loosely based off the British version. Either way, looks interesting.

Also interesting, is that all 13 episodes will be released at once. No waiting week to week or even a few days to see the next episode. Whenever you want to watch the next episode it's there (unless you are at episode #13).

I saw the Bay at Toronto International Film Festival (it was my second movie I saw after seeing Much Ado About Nothing) and I didn't like it that much. The story seemed to drift without going anywhere. It's documentary set-up made it hard to get attached to any of the characters as it jumped around. That said a lot of other people who I know saw it liked it a lot better than I did.
The Bay was okay. It's more found footage thriller than found footage horror and mostly just seemed like Barry Levinson (of all people) out on a lark.
The British series was fantastic and was one of the best tv shows of all time. This feels fairly faithful to the original premise.
I see Andrew Davies's name is in the mix. I wonder how involved he was? It looks as if it has much the same tone as the original, and Ian Richardson is sadly no longer available, so Kevin Spacey might make a good alternative. It'll be interesting to see how (and if) it translates.
Matt_Fabb, that seems to be how Netflix is doing all of its commissioned programming now, including Arrested Development. As I recall, the decision revolved around discussion of whether it would be better to wait a week between episodes to increase discussion, word of mouth, social networking, etc. or release them all at once and get people hooked for the entire duration so that hopefully they'd just marathon the entire thing, then spread the word.
I loved the original, too--thus, some trepidation. But the cast is good, and I'll definitely be checking this out.
In essence, Netflix has picked a model based upon how people already watch existing series on their service: in batches.
This looks cool! And releasing it all at once makes a lot of sense. Not familiar with the British series, but very curious now. I'll have to see if I can track it down before February.

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