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November 16 2012

The five top moments from Astonishing X-Men. With the motion comic Blu-ray set out this week, lists the most memorable moments from Joss, John and Laura's acclaimed run.

I would include "Yeahbuhwhat?"
I read the issues again recently. It's a fantastic piece of work. The third arc remains my favourite.
The Kitty/Emma scenes, particularly towards the end, contained some of the best comic book dialogue ever written in my opinion. But good list, all the same.

Damn, now I really feel like re-reading this.

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There were too many in the series, but Kitty's final line while exiting through the wall:

"I don''t have to watch you, Miss Frost. I can smell you."

is probably one of my most favorite moments.
I'd add "I really like beer". Yes, it's a cheep joke. Yes, it was also done in the "Earshot" episode. But it helps establish the character and more importantly it makes me laugh.

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"Disappointed Ms. Frost?"

"Astonished, Ms. Pryde".
Kitty hitting Emma through and with a wall is still my very favorite thing.
Agree with all.

Sorry, can't quote correctly from my memory:

Emma, where she states, partly in bewilderment, partly touched, that this ordinary, extraordinary man is in love with her.

The part, where Hank explains at length the functionality of his ball of wool and Logan says, a beer, and hank says, same priciple.

The part where the birth of Dangers consciousness from pain is described.

The part where Agent Brand confesses her affection for Hank.

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