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November 16 2012

Dichen, Enver, and Miracle reunite again. Another Kickstarter movie, starring Dichen Lachman, Enver Gjokaj, and Miracle Laurie, and written by and starring Adam J. Yeend who was a producer on Lust For Love.

It's a tribute to Tim Burton and to struggling actors. Should be fun. I've seen on FB that some of the Lust For Love crew is working on it as well.

I'm sooo backing this!!! :D

They just need to be in everything together.
Um, can the Lust For Love crew finish working on Lust For Love first?
Adam was a co-producer on production on Lust for Love - post production is different folk.
This would have been posted the other day as someone tweeted us the link saying "if you like Dollhouse!". I read the premise and went "what is the connection here?". That'll teach me not to see who was in the cast.
Seconding what gossi said, to be clear, production on Lust For Love began and ended in December of 2011, that crew did finish working on Lust For Love. Pre-production took longer, post production is (and does) as well.

I dunno a lot, but I know Anton's been working on it tirelessly and it has been submitted to at least one film festival so far, with plans to submit to more. As much as he wants to finish it for himself, Anton has also cited the kickstarter backers as a specific positive pressure to keep going and get a final product out there. After all, they paid to see a movie. So rest assured it is coming. Movies just unfortunately take a long time, especially on a super low budget.

Simon, I figured something like that might have happened, I never find something to post before it's posted! I'd actually found it a day or two earlier and suddenly realized I hadn't seen it here.

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