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November 18 2012

Jeremy Renner parodies The Avengers. As seen on Saturday Night Live.

where would we be without the awesome snl? hey that jeremy spoofed himself thumbs up!
Oh dear lord that was painful to watch. :0
Oh dear lord that was painful to watch. :0

Yeah - props to Jeremy for showing up, but I oftentimes wonder what it would be like to live during an era when SNL wasn't just trying to be funny.
That was so imposibly BAD...
I haven't watched SNL for years, and it's gotten worse. They just stand there, saying lines. There's no momentum. I've seen better comedy writing and acting on amateur youtube channels.

I can see the potential, and I laughed a little, but it could have been so much better.


I saw it again, this time with much lower expectations, and then I liked it. It's kind of funny, I guess.

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The Mexican standoff sketch was funny, and of course Weekend Update. Otherwise it was kinda painful to watch.
Iron Man called Hawkeye 'Katniss'! LOL
Avengers sketch is so toothless and unimaginative it could air after school for eight year olds.
I grew up on the Belushi/Chase/Aykroyd/etc. years, when it was truly groundbreaking television. Since then, they've had some really funny people on at times, but it has never again reached the depths (heights?) of irreverence that it did in those first five amazing years.
The "Happy Drones" cartoon from this weeks SNL was actually somewhat edgy. The show has always been uneven - which strangely is part of the appeal, to me this season is actually a huge step up from the previous one. That being said the "Avengers" skit was a bit lazy and Renner didn't really show off a lot of comedic chops.
Unnecessarily tough crowd over here. I thought it was pretty funny all around. Good episode.
Too bad Cobie couldn't reprise her role since her husband was Captain America.
I agree with the painful to watch comments. Iron Man's pants, sweat pants.

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Colbie's husband was Captain America?
Yes, Cobie (no L) is married to Taran Killam who played Captain America in that skit.
I agree that the first five years were the best, but I am happy to've been an adolescent during the Dana Carvey/Phil Hartman/Jon Lovitz era. That was the second-best period, methinks.
There are many ebbs and flows to SNL, IMHO, having watched since 1976 in college. However, for this bit the drag was Jeremy Renner who had no comedic capabilities (however amazing he may be in high-T action series) in evidence here.
Well I agree that SNL is uneven (and of course it peaked in it's first season... back when I was first watching! LOL), but I like seeing them do popular culture. Of course even more fun than making fun of Hawk Eye running out of arrows was the opening when Jeremy showed off how well he could sing (Joss, can you write Avengers2 as a musical?!).
Maybe he could sing in Dr. Horrible 2!
The SNL writers should watch Robot Chicken on how to do a funny Avengers parody.

(sings)Awww yeah.
I thought there were some pretty decent sketches this time around even if the Avengers one wasn't particularly strong. I did dig the Mexican stand-off, the animated bit particularly. The Wolf Blitzer skit was pretty funny though-- with the bits about how they have so little visual stimulus to go off of that they'd air the same footage over and over, run it backwards, have dramatizations of the exact same footage and rerun absurd excerpts of it...

I was a bit surprised when they brought in what seemed to be the actual politician and at times he had better comedic timing and delivery than some of the cast members. (That said, I assume people like that they set their lines in stone much earlier so they get the chance to practice it a bit more.)
owl, "what seemed to be the actual politician" was NJ Gov. Chris Christie, who does possess impeccable timing. Perhaps he has a future in show business if he doesn't run for President.

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