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November 18 2012

Firefly's one-time official blogger selling rare crew jacket. Kelly Wheeler -- she of the official Firefly blog in 2002 and your Blue Sun cola spokesmodel -- is selling one on eBay: "Crew Jacket given to the FIREFLY crew by the wonderful/generous/good-looking Writers/Producers (yes, that means Joss & Tim)."

Man - if they shipped to the EU I would be sorely tempted.
Wow, that is wonderful. It looks great, and I would LOVE to own it (bidding now, and wishing I was richer).
This looks great, but I'm content with my one piece of Whedon loot--Sierra's t-shirt and jacket from the episode "Haunted" when she's hanging out with Topher.
Well the price has gotten to be too high for me (I'm not surprised), so I'll just be content with me Jayne hat, Jayne doll and Browncoat messenger bag

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