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November 18 2012

Target has Cabin in the Woods (BluRay) for $8 as an unadvertised part of their "Beat the Rush" Sale.

Note that very few stores are displaying the sale price on the racks, however it will scan as $8. Price is effective Sunday Nov 18 thru Nov 21.

The DVD is $6 on Amazon.
Fantastic on the amazon find!
The BluRay has never been below $19.79, so that's the real steal.
Not sure if it's allowed in this specific thread, or if someone would create a new thread for this.

Amazon has Homeland for $19.99 (DVD) and $24.99 (blu-ray) as well.

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Holy crap! I guess I'll be stopping by Target on the way home tonight. I was fortunate enough to get The Avengers for free a few days ago. This is turning out to be a very Whedon Christmas!
FoxConnect now (as of Monday 11/19) has all Whedon-related series seasons on sale for between $6 and $8 (Dollhouse, Buffy, Angel, How I Met Your Mother).
Just picked up my copy! I had to hunt it down (it wasn't located in the action/horror/scifi section) but kind of pushed into a strange corner.

Thank you for the heads up!

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