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November 19 2012

What do ABC cancellations mean for S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series? Some up to the minute speculation from And in related news Amy Acker may have just slipped a further, indirect piece of current S.H.I.E.L.D. casting information on the topic of age ranges.

That speculation is pretty far out there. The pilot isn't filming until sometime in mid to late January. Way too late to be slotted in until fall. Wishful thinking is nice but, ummm... No.
This is a very poorly researched article. The pilot hasn't even been picked up for series yet.
I don't know anything about this (whether the article was well researched or not) but since Disney owns ABC and wants to promote S.H.I.E.L.D. (along with the entire Avengers franchise) I have to believe that they will see to it that the series is picked up and gets every possible advantage in promotion and scheduling.
Haha, that article is awful.
ABC absolutely have an interest in using the property, of course. But if SHIELD turns out too dark, too comedic, or if it's generally not a favourable show to the network, they could pass on it. Another show from Marvel would then be lined up for the following Fall.
embers, I totally agree that this show has a much better shot of making it to series than most (not exactly ground breaking reporting) but the article is asserting that it will be fast-tracked and be on air this season. It won't. Not really possible.
Yep, this one is someone's pure dream, nothing more.
Reading this 'article' made my head hurt. The author clearly does not understand how tv networks work.
The show will not be on air this season.
You're all assuming the production team can't bend time.
I can't wait. When approximately will the pilot air, TV gurus? September?
If it goes to series (and yes it is still an IF) it is likely to premiere in late September 2013. Or the pilot may be a complete bust and ABC could decide to trash the whole thing.
ABC is locked in to when the show will premiere. Why? Because they have to work around the movies. Big things happen in IM III. If the series is to be set in that universe, they have to account for those events in the show. I would not be surprised to see some of the show appear on TV before the summer movies hit the screen, but the schedule for that is already set if it is going to happen. 666 and LR have nothing to do with it.

Personally, I believe we'll see the pilot BEFORE the summer, and then see teasrs for the series in the summer movies.
jgsugden, you "believe" this based on what? The TV show won't directly tie into the movies.
"Last Resort" and "666 Park Avenue" being cancelled is definately good news for "S.H.I.E.L.D"s chances of being on the fall schedule. ABC, apart from it being owned by Disney, isn't the ideal network for it though in terms of pairing it with the rest of it's drama line-up since ABC is increasingly creating shows skewed towards a female/soap opera frindely audience. It would fit better on Fox...but we wouldn't want that either
Wasn't the same sort of misguided assumptions that had people screaming about " Director's Cut for Avengers" when there was not. Sighs.
Yes. And it began with the above site.
ABC is increasingly creating shows skewed towards a female/soap opera frindely audience

It's possible that ABC feels that they're skewing too far towards female audiences, so they may want to balance it with SHIELD. Another thought (or wishful thinking): since Disney owns Star Wars now, I wonder if the long-gestating Star Wars live action show may finally materialise on ABC. Imagine the two shows paired in one block...
I hadn't even read this article and I was already like "it means pretty much nothing". Even if the pilot had been filmed at this point, and it got picked up today, I doubt anything could air before April of next year. And April of next year might not be the best time to start running a new show, especially one with as high stakes as this one (what with it tying into a huge franchise, but also it being a science fiction series on a network that just cancelled its fantasy AND action show.) Plus, all of this is not even taking possible special effects into account, which adds considerable time to post-production.

This kind of article annoys me. It raises the expectations of fans who don't know anything about how tv works. Someone on a website called should at least have basic knowledge about television, amirite?

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