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November 20 2012

Twenty-five great gifts for Joss Whedon fans. How many of these items do you own already?

Three for me. I clearly need a bigger allowance.
I only own two. But I've got lots of stuff that's not on this list.
I own 2... Would luv the buffy collection
Own 2. But I've bought an additional 2 as gifts for friends.
Two here as well, but like Kiba I have a ton that isn't on that list.
I don't have any of these but I do have one of the old Serenity t-shirts with the logo like this:
I want #5 SO BAD! Have wanted one ever since I first saw the episode. It would make such an excellent addition to my sword collection.
I have all the Firefly stuff. Any of my Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse stuff is the various series DVD/BluRays or SDCC posters.
Technically I own 4 of them, wished I could afford more.
3 but only if I count my NON battle damaged Angel puppet.
3 for me, though I really do need to get myself a Buffy-related T-shirt soon. And the stake replica: a world of cool.
I would love to have the scythe but I'd never pay $700 for it.
Yeah, it's my understanding that not only is the design of the Scythe NOT screen accurate, but the construction of it is apparently of a poor quality. I've found places that sell it for $200, which I could eventually afford, but I'm weary of possible buyer's remorse, given what I've read/heard about the overall quality of the product.
Wow, only two for me. I absolutely need an Evil League of Evil t-shirt. My Smile Time puppet is much better than the one depicted - I even thought briefly about putting him on eBay a couple of times but noticed others' weren't selling.
A quick note about those Angel puppets: I bought one during the initial run (somewhere between $50 to $80). If it's not obvious from pictures, I'll tell you now, it barely resembles what's depicted on the box it comes in. To add insult to injury, it's not even a PUPPET! It's just a doll, basically. Years later (probably due to angry letters from customers who had felt justifiably ripped off), a more screen accurate (in design and in size), legitimate puppet was produced and sold. Problem was at the time, it was something like $400, I think.

If Tonya J has one of THOSE, and is interested in selling, I'd be willing to buy it, depending on the asking price. :)
I have just one of these, the Book on Joss Whedon. Some of this stuff is way outside my ballpark, price wise. But I do have lots of other ephemera, such as my Willow and Tara figurine set, my Tara figurine, my Anya figurine, every Buffy novel ever written, every issue of the Buffy magazine, and a ton of signed Buffy collector cards, etc. None of which actually has much to do with this thread... :-)
I've got none of those. But I never say that Serenity Desk Model before, so maybe now I'll own 1. Holy crap, that puts the Serenity ornament I was in search of forever to shame.
I have some of the more practical stuff. I don't collect figurines or models or puppets. I think the work on the maquettes I see from Qmx are great but I couldn't justify spending money on - for lack of better word - knick-knacks.
I have nothing! I need an Evil League of Evil shirt too.
I don't care if you have $429.99. You can't buy me.
Surprisingly I only have three. But that's because this isn't a Buffy heavy list.

Like many others I have a s***ton of stuff not on the list. Like an embarassing amount of stuff. Like 40-year-old virgin levels of stuff, although I am neither.

Along with the SHS T-shirt and the Spike statue, I own that particular Angel puppet. I think it's pretty good. The other two made, vamped puppet Angel and normal were not good and I didn't buy them. This one looks great. My Spike puppet is adorable.
Heh, I own two. And of course, they're both books (I love me some books). I used to have a display cabinet filled with Buffy and Angel action figures and other merchandise, but then I moved to a different home and decided not to put up the display again (and after that, I found another place with my girlfriend, who'd probably kill me if I tried to reintroduce them now ;)). I still need to sell them or, in some cases throw them out, though I haven't quite found the heart to do that yet.

Other than that, I do own one little serenity ornament which lives underneath my pc screen (I'm all about the subtle, these days) and a couple more books and comics, plus a picture album with signed pictures and photo shoot prints from my convention-going days. But from this list, just the two. And the only other things I'd consider buying these days are the Buffy book, and the Comic-Con DVD (also, a few of those items seem abnormally overpriced to me).
I only have one from this list (Spike Sideshow statue).
I have in order the Firefly Celebration book from, but it's out of stock at the moment; hopefully I'll be able to have it later on.

I love the shirts, but the delivery costs to Italy are a little too high usually :/
Just a couple I think, but I do have a shed load of 6" and 12" figures and tons of books/guides/dvd's etc etc.

I'd love the small desktop Serenity model but I have no room for half the whedonverse merchandise I do already own. Surprised no Marvel Hot Toys figures on this list as they are seriously fine.
Even in my ofice at work, where I am in the administration, I have a bunch of Buffy stuff. First, the door to my office has a Buffy poster on it. A Buffy calendar hangs on my wall (and I just got the 2013 one), and I have my 3 figurines prominently displayed (I should note that my good friend, and college provost, has 5 Hulk figurines in his office, one of which is 3 feet tall, and he is now ordering a larger Red Hulk...). I also have a signed photo of Amber Benson from Chance. And even my college website lists my love of Buffy, among all the medical crap on it.

But I would love to get that Evil League of Evil shirt.
Sadly, I own nothing :(
As a student I'm rather stingy when it comes to spending money (besides, no way can I afford to spend around a 100 on one item) and unfortunately no-one I know seems to think inside the Whedony box when it comes to present-time for me!
I did search online once for a puppet-Angel replica. It was awful - his eyebrows were ginger!
There were three versions of Puppet Angel, all of them looking like Abraham Lincoln. There was also a Puppet Spike one from what I recall.
I only have one item from that list. I may want a puppet Spike sometimes if I'll have the cash
Joss fans might also like a donation to Equality Now in his honor. I know I would.
That's a really good point, Suzie! And an excellent idea!
I have two items on the list, plus a handmade Mr. Pointy, made specially for me by friends. I did buy an ELE shirt at SDCC a couple of years ago, but QMx gave me the wrong size and I didn't notice until I got home so I donated it to our CSTS auction. I do, however, have many other Whedon-related books, comics and DVDs, including 4 Serenity and two sets of Firefly (I used to have four but two seem to have gone missing). I also have a Mal doll and 32 (!) Whedon-related t-shirts, including the original Serenity one linked above, 6 CSTS shirts and the original Whedonesque t-shirt, plus 2 CSTS hoodies. Oh, and I have another t-shirt on its way from Tee-Fury!

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2 film cells from the Avengers! A digitally shot and distributed movie. hmmm.
Great gifts for a Joss Whedon fan? No, lots of it is either crap, too hideously expensive ($430 + $15 of shipping for a replica of a piece of wood...) to be impractical to be a gift, or is only tangentially related to Whedon (like the Iron Man bust).

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