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November 21 2012

Neil Gaiman teases new project with Anthony Head. Author says he received a cast sheet with several notable British names, including Anthony Head's.

Tweet, for those who can't get on Twitter, says: "On the good side, I was just sent a cast list with James McAvoy, Ben Cumberbatch, Christopher Lee, Anthony Head and Bernard Cribbins in it."

A follow up tweet reveals Gaiman is "waiting for a proper OK" to say what the project is. But via another tweet, he says it is not for "Good Omens."
Oh....maybe it's Gaiman's second time as a Doctor Who episode scribe! He's got a big story lined up for the end of the second half of this season, and it features old-school Cybermen apparently!
It's for a radio play of Neverwhere (one of my all-time favourite books!!!)
Aw, too bad it's not for Good Omens! But that cast, oh my—whatever it is, it's exciting!
Could be the HBO American Gods series that's been announced; if so, colour me excited! (But I'd be excited for anything with this talent combo).
I would love for it to be American Gods, but I doubt it is that or Doctor Who.

The calibre of actors is kind of a giveaway. I just don't see most of these actors committing to a rigorous television schedule. Yes, Benedict Cumberbatch is committed to Sherlock, but 3 episodes is far less than the (likely) 13 episodes planned for the first season of American Gods. Plus, if it does well, then it'll get a second season and that's a big committment for a film actor. And he's already said before that he doesn't want to do a long-running television series (specifically, he said he wouldn't do Doctor Who). Plus, he's rumored to be the next Bond villain. James McAvoy is contracted for the second X-Men movie.

Bernard Cribbins played Wilf on Doctor Who, so maybe I'm wrong..but Anthony Head has already been on Doctor Who, and not as a character you could really bring back in an episode about Cybermen.

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Don't believe it's the Doctor Who episode...that's apparently already shooting (and features Warwick Davis, based on what I se eon Twitter).

Whatever it is, though, sign me up!
There isn't any official word yet, so it's been all rumor for now, but it definitely seems to be Neverwhere. I just did a little more digging. I can't believe I missed miVi3k's comment!
Great cast. Where did you find out it's a Neverwhere radio play, miVi3k? I loved the book too, and the TV series (it's been years but I especially remember loving Paterson 'Alan Johnson' Joseph's Marquis De Carabas). It'd be fun to experience it again in yet another form.
That's like a Tumblr wishlist.
but they've already done a neverwhere radio play?
okelay, there was one in the 90s but the new one will probably be aired in Spring 2013. This blurb is as close to official as I've seen (meaning it was not written by fans on twitter or tumblr).
Maybe Neil is the only person Joss trusts with a Ripper project.
Oh god please don't do that Simon. Just when I buried all hope.

If it is Neverwhere then there should be a couple of female actors added to the list yeah?
Ha, I remember while watching X-Men: First Class that all I could think about was how McAvoy would make a great young Giles.

And Kaan, Gaiman said in another tweet that he'll post a list of female stars soon (probably once he gets the ok to reveal the project).
I had no idea HBO was doing an American Gods series! Cool.

I wish they'd do Sandman instead, but hey, I'll take what I can get.
It was very easy to miss the news about American Gods .

After it was announced in April 2011 there wasn't any more news about it until The Vulture said it hadn't even gone forward to shooting a pilot at which point Gaiman contacted them and said it was still going forward .

If it does go to series I wouldn't expect to see it before 2014 though .
*reads tweet*

*wipes coffee off monitor*

My word, that is one good cast. When I read it I hoped it might be Good Omens, but there we are...I don't know Neverwhere, but will definitely look it out.
If it really is Neverwhere, we should be seeing three women cast soon (all of them fairly young): Door, Hunter, and Richard's self-centered fiance who's name escapes me.
That is quite a list. If it turns out to be a radio play I'll be bummed--what a tease! But that would make a certain amount of sense; I can't see Christopher Lee committing to a tv show or anything requiring a substantial amount of time on set...the man is incredible, but he's also 90 years old.
I wish it could be a Neverwhere film instead of a radio play. I love the book, and you could do a lot of fun things with it visually. (Having read the book first, I found the BBC miniseries quite a disappointment.)
I can't describe how lovely it is to see the name Neil Gaiman boldface in the title of a Whedonesque post.

When my worlds collide. In a good way.
I am still hoping for a neverwhere film
erendis, it was the fact that the tv version was such a disappointment that led neil to write the novel.
Can I nominate Summer Glau for Door?
@the Groosalugg - There was a tweet from a London talent agency saying Cumberbatch would be recording Neverwhere with James McAvoy

Gaiman confirmed that those actors are in the same project (re: Neverwhere). I think a follow up tweet also said he wasn't allowed to announce the female lead yet.
You've said it! Reminds me of my days of being a huge fan of both Mr. Gaiman's work and the band Dresden Dolls. When I found out that Neil and Amanda were actually dating it was the most surreal sort of squee.
2/3 of the cast of Neverwhere

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