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November 21 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Spike #4. Find out what happens in the latest installment of the "A Dark Place" miniseries.

Well after last week's freezing shower with, what's his name, Billy?, we get an issue worth reading. I'm glad there are two new Buffyverse writers that actually decided to sit down and write for the Buffyverse, instead of feeling bored and out of ideas like some Buffy veterans did the past 2 months. Well done to Christos and Victor, for trying to keep the readership interested.

Spike fans will actually love the issue. Spuffies will praise Victor. I'm neither a Spuffy, nor a Spike fan. If things had been interested and valid and well written in the main title, maybe all that Spike's introspection would have gotten me bored. I prefer the action. But thanks to Buffy's 5 latest boring issues, Spike's mini feels like an oasis to me.

It kind of feels though that too much time was spent on seduction, and issue 3 was flat, and now that things got heaten up there's only one issue left and only 22 pages. Anyway. We'll talk about that at the end of the mini.

The art is nice. One of the best artist that the Buffyverse has had. Together with Rebecca. Rest of them, meh!!! Is it really too hard to get a good artist as a regular in Buffy's title? Paul's drawings are beautiful and consistent. The characters look like themselves in every panel and look like their age. I am really very fond of Paul's art.

The bugs got boring in this issue, which is normal I think. They certainly represent the Spuffies and their worries, Morgan will seduce Spike, we must take action, get prepared just in case, Spike is getting fond of her, forgetting Buffy, etc. And now that Spike got into action and revealed his feelings, the bugs take the supporting role in the mini. LOL! It was fun :)

So the end of it is near, so far it's been enjoyable. Totally recommended.
Spike # 5 delayed according to Scott Allie on his twitter

I have my copy of Spike # 4 and will post my thoughts soon.
Wow that must've hurt a lot. Canasta with bugs beat any delusion of grandeur. I suppose that's why Twilight had no chance with Spike.

As earthlings say, we're ready to say bye-bye to the bugs.
what a great issue. Maybe I just identified with Spike, but I thought this one was thick with real emotion and real processing for him. And it just felt SO much like Spike. I will definitely miss this book when it's gone and would love a continuing Spike series. Great writing, great art, super fun characters. Funny. Emotional. Treading new ground. Can't wait for five...and hope there's more!
Victor has a real strong grasp on Spike's voice. I could totally hear Marsters saying these words.
He should totally hook up with this girl. I thought they had a good chemistry.
I'm glad Spike told Morgan he didn't want what she was offering. Good riddance to her.
My slightly belated (Happy Thanksgiving) summary and review. Pretty good issue, shame about the next one being delayed.
Hope everyone here in the U.S. had a nice Thanksgiving.I got Spike # 4 on Wed. but with holiday activities the last two days,I just didn't have much time to read my comics other than a quick flip through until late Wed and Thursday with it being Thanksgiving day,I didn't really have much computer time to post any of my thoughts on the issue unti l now.

I'll keep it short but I enjoyed the issue and get the lesson Spike is learning in this mini.I think we saw him learn some of this towards the end of Angel but as Scott Allie has admitted,there has been a bit of regressing in order to go forward.

Most figured the direction Morgan would go in although I won't rule out some redemption next issue or I also wouldn't rule out her being a ongoing foil either.

Overall,a good issue.
I thoroughly enjoyed the issue. It was frankly a much better read then the last Buffy.

I agree that this Spike has a good voice. I like that he is going to return stronger and more resilliant. It'll be interesting to see how Buffy reacts after the post sojourn Spike.

And I kinda want that hellmouth to open. I'm feeling the magiclessness of this verse and it's tiresome.

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I don't understand how I'm on such a different page to everyone else! I feel this is fairly weak series and Buffy is rocking along awesomely.

The sequence of panels in this series has been so boring, it's so talky and standard!

However, I LOVE that they are using Easter Island.
@aapac, well I'm way more invested in what's happening to Ange & Faith and then Spike then Buffy.
Just got my issue. And I finally decided to go to the shop instead of paying shipping and waiting a week so YAY!
As usual, I liked it. Spike was Spike, and Spike is where MY fandom is centered.
Still, I don't really get it. Spike was over Buffy enough to be gone from the entirety of Season 8, four years was it?
But now suddenly his "devotion" to Buffy is a problem for her? She's the one who pulled the information about his feelings out of him. I'm not sure what it is we are supposed to think about this, but I'm pretty sure I don't think it.
Still, I am happy I get to see Spike, he looks like Spike, he talks like Spike, I enjoyed this issue, so I'm a pretty happy camper.
I still enjoyed the bugs, I enjoyed Morgan's role, I am interested in what will happen next. I think Morgan is tricky enough to be the antagonist, but I still kind of like her.
Even though I'm a die hard Spuffy, comic Spuffy has been mostly non-existent and occasionally dismal, so I'm okay with him being on his own. For now. I definitely want to see him interact with other Buffy characters, Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn, and I wish Giles, but unfortunately...
I haven't been getting the Angel and Faith because I've never been a Faith fan and Twilight killed my Angel love, but I'll get it if Spike's in it and I am feeling somewhat hopeful because of the way the Spike mini is being written.

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hann23, I agree w/you: "I'm way more invested in what's happening to Ange & Faith and then Spike then Buffy."
I didn't dislike the Buffy (or Willow) issues as much as most of you, but clearly the 'Angel & Faith' are the best and 'Spike' has been fun. I was late getting my issue because of the holiday & the visitors who come for that, but I finally got it yesterday and found it entertaining. But not really the best: it is cool that it ties in w/A&F, but I actually like my Scoobies interacting in the same series instead of spread out like this.
I thought Spike's refusal was a lot like Mal's of Saffy (can't remember the correct name). Spike isn't interested in a woman who depends on him to give her life meaning. That makes me love his character even more.

I'm surprised that some people believed everything the succubus said. She's a demon; who knows what she's lying about.

This issue also made me think of Dollhouse, in which Spike is offered someone who's much like an active, in that her job is to help and please him. But he would rather have a real relationship.

I also disagree with those who think Buffy is his one true love. Spike also loved Drusilla, and enjoyed his devotion to her.
Perhaps Morgan is misleading Spike intentionally and certainly I'm being pedantic, but I feel I should point out that the Easter Island statues were mostly sited on platforms around the edge of the island facing inland.

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