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November 21 2012

Interview with Nancy Holder about her new book "Buffy: The Making of a Slayer." The book examines the making of "Buffy," its themes, its impact and more - the interview covers a lot of ground. And Nancy will be doing a book signing at Dark Delicacies, Burbank CA on December 15th at 2pm.

She's doing a book signing so I added those details to the entry. The UK version doesn't include the extras by all accounts so people might want to think about ordering from the States.
Nancy and I appeared together as authors in a collection( as did Amber and her mother;) she had a recipe in the Bronzer Cookbook and I had about 15.
Nancy is also going to be at LosCon in Los Angeles this weekend for locals who want to see/interact with her on panels.
On the issue of the UK version, until recently Amazon UK had two different versions listed with different release dates. One appeared to be the same as the US version and was listed as coming out in December. Since then this release date has been removed and the information changed to ''currently unavailable'', as you can see here.
I got to help out a wee bit with this book. So excited for Nancy (and for my friend Kara Stokes who helped edit it, but who ironically has no connection to the Buffyverse).
Bought the UK version by mistake. It's great, but now I need the US version as well. I'm sick, but at least I know it.
Some of the critique I've read about this book states that it does not include any thing new. You who have read it and are familiar with the other Buffy books out there, how does it compare?
Gah! I was going to put this on the Christmas list but if the UK version is 'lite' I may have to order US, just as long as I don't get hit by HM customs for any extra.
Well, from whatever version, sounds like a "must read". I'll read them both so I'll know each.

Most likely the same gist I have you know.

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