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November 22 2012

Unflattering Buffy screencaps. Just came across this Tumblr blog on another site and thought it would be good for a laugh. Happy Thanksgiving guys!

hahahaha some of these are fantastic, can't stop laughing. Thank you!
SMG has the best facial expressions. Hilarious.
I like Alyson's too xD
I don't think either Sarah or Allison have what could ever be described of as "unflattering" moments. The range is always somewhere between "striking" and "aww that's adorable".
And so it is that the internet, yet again, doesn't fail to surprise. Brilliant. Also, anyone else notice how the Joyce ones all look eerily zombified (Conversations With Dead People style)? Perhaps very subtle foreshadowing acting...
Some of them aren't even that silly looking, which kind of is a let down. Granted I guess it'd be difficult to limit it to mostly the ones where people are in the middle of grimacing and blinking asymmetrically.
For all you How I Met Your Mother fans out there...

This is what you look like after you eat a big sandwich.
Wonderful. Behold the wonder...

@Egghead, tee hee. Angel's sandwich must have been particularly big...they're getting strong these days!
Its all about the asymmetric blink.
Most of them still look better than my passport photo.

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