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November 23 2012

Firefly DVD Box Set for only $8!! is doing the deal.

Also, Cabin in the Woods is $7.99 for BluRay on amazon!!!

Oh, great, I need Cabin in the woods, since the one I bought was sent to the wrong adress and sent back(my fault, but the seller said they'd refund once they got the disc).
Both of those deals are also available at Best Buy during black Friday. I've seen amazing prices for Firefly before, but this just blows anything else away. Too bad I don't know anyone that needs one. But I did use this opportunity to snag Cabin in the Woods!
I just bought Cabin Blu-Ray from Amazon a month ago. Forgot Black Friday was coming... Should have waited. I bought 17 TV DVDs and Blu-Rays though.
I bought the Cabin DVD from amazon for $6; am excited for it!

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